Objects which had more than one recorded location in the second collection of Pitt-Rivers

In some cases an item was acquired, catalogued and moved to a single location (say, for example, the 'gold case' at Rushmore) and then no further location was recorded in the Cambridge University Library catalogue. Other objects seem to have been moved quite frequently.

766 objects have no location at all identified for them (3.8 per cent)

12078 objects (59.1 per cent of total second collection) have only one recorded location after acquisition

7575 objects (37.1 per cent) have more than one recorded location after acquisition (that is, they were moved from one location to another, for unknown reasons)

In addition to being moved between geographical locations, items in the second collection were also moved within locations with pieces either being moved between Rooms at Farnham or (more commonly) being moved around Rushmore. In general these moves at Rushmore are from more prestigious locations (the drawing room, the gallery cases) to less prestigious ones (corridors, bedrooms).


AP, 1 June 2010

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