Individuals and institutions associated with Pitt-Rivers' first and second collections

The Pitt-Rivers' collections are heavily dominated by males who were the main contributors to the collections as makers, field collectors, previous owners or donors and sources. This is not unexpected given the bias towards males in public life in Britain during the Victorian era. It is noticeable that many of the women who contributed to the collections were unusual individuals with careers and some fame. The number of institutions may seem to be small but this is because it excludes dealers etc who were dealt with individually by Pitt-Rivers. In other words it only includes faceless institutions where no individual who worked for the institution is named.

Total number of individuals and institutions known to be associated with both collections = 913


Total for both collections = 55


Total for both collections = 737


Total for both collections = 121


Total for both collections = 792

AP, June 2010

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