This series is set out in the Black Book. The displays appear to have been shown in Case 81.

Black book number

PRM accession number

Black book entry

Black 1463


Case 81 1463 Fan with carved handle used as a mark of rank by chiefs Marquesas p117

Black 1464

Not matched

Case 85 1464 Fan Marquesas p117

Black 1465

Not matched

Case 81 1465 Fan Fiji p117

Black 1466


Case 81 1466 Fan with double flap ?Ceylon p117

Black 1467


Case 81 1467 Fan with revolving cane handle 'Africa' p117
Added Black book entry - Fan to revolve on a cane [Drawing] Guiana see 1467 [nb could be an Ag series additional object and not refer to this one]

Black 1468


Case 8? 1468 Fan wood carved Aksa (sic) Africa with piece of looking glass inserted p117
Added Black book entry - Akassa

Black book page 58a [Ag 122][12]


122 13.2.74 Fly flapper, long handle pith ornament on .... [sic illegible]

Black book page 58a [Ag 5594] [11]


Ag 5594 5.9.76 Chinese fan with lacquer mounts

AP, March 2011.

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