Doring Theji

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rdo ring tha'i ji (dga' bzhi ba)
Tibetan script rendering of Doring Theji

Tenzin Norbhu

bstan 'dzin nor bu
Tibetan script rendering of Tenzin Norbhu

Doring Teji (Gab-shi-wa)


Born 1899 Served in Government 1917 Died after 1959


Doring Theiji (Gabshi-wa). Personal name Tenzin Norbhu. Born 1901. Entered Government service in 1917. Received military training at Gyantse in 1918, and at Shillong in 1924. Held the title of Theiji but was deprived of it in 1930 and degraded to the 6th rank because he was suspected of intrigue against the Tibetan Government. Appointed Dzong-pšn of Nyalam on the Nepal Frontier in 1932. Promoted to the 4th rank in 1934 and sent to Eastern Tibet as a Tibetan Government representative to meet the Tashi Lama. Returned from Eastern Tibet in March, 1938, and was given charge of the late Dalai Lama's private property in November, 1938. Has a house (Doring) in Lhasa, estates and a carpet factory near Gyantse. His title Theiji was restored in February, 1939. Speaks Hindustani fluently. Relinquished the charge of Officer-in-charge of the Dalai Lama's private property in June, 1946.

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