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mdo mkhar sras ra kha shar

Phuntso Rabgye

phun tshogs rab rgyas

Do-kar-se, Dhokar Se, Ragashar, Ragashar Se


Born 1902 Served in Government 1921


Dokar Se II. Personal name Phuntso Rabye. Born 1904. Also called Ragashar. Is the eldest brother of Maharani of Sikkim. Entered Government service in 1921. Was a Kan-dršn (Secretary to the Kashag) from 1928 to 1932. Appointed Dzong-pšn of Tsona in Southern Tibet in 1933, and Sher-pang (Investigating Officer) in 1937. Visited Sikkim in 1936 and 1942. Is married to the eldest daughter of Taring Raja. Promoted to the rank of Dzasa in November, 1938. Appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Tibetan Army in September, 1940. Appointed Vice-Commander of the Military Area Head Quaters Lhasa in February, 1952.

Page references from Who's Who in Tibet

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Wangchen Geleg Surkhang,
Phuntsog Rabgye Ragashar

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Monk and lay officials in the garden of Dekyi Lingka