Trimon Shappe

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khri smon zhabs pad
Tibetan script rendering of Trimon Shappe

Norbhu Wangyal

nor bu dbang rgyal
Tibetan script rendering of Norbhu Wangyal

Trimon Shape, Khrimon


Born 1874 Died 1945?


Trimšn Shap-pe. Born 1874. Personal name Norbhu Wangyal. The second son of the late Tsi-pa Sherab, a 6th rank official. Married into the family of Trimšn and took the family name on inheriting the estates of his wife's father. The property is at Chetang and near Lhasa. Was a Financial Secretary (Tsi-pšn). He has had no military training except when he was appointed one of the two Assistant Commanders-in-Chief of the Tibetan troops during the fighting with the Chinese at Lhasa in 1912. Given the title of Theiji in June, 1912. Accompanied the late Lšnchen Shatra to India as his Assistant to the Tibetan Plenipotentiaries at the Simla Conference 1913-14. Was presented to Lord Hardinge several times, is pro-British. On his return to Tibet in 1914 was appointed Shap-pe. Is the most knowledgeable member of the Cabinet. He is intelligent, but unpopular with the National Assembly and was one of the victims of Lungshar's plot which failed in the summer of 1934. The Kalon Lama, who was his colleague in the fighting against the Chinese at Lhasa, is well disposed towards him. A man of literary tastes and somewhat retiring disposition. Occupies the Se-chung House at Lhasa. Was Commissioner in Eastern Tibet for some time and was relieved from his post by the late Nga-pho Shap-pe in 1931. Retired from active public life in 1936 on the understanding that he would be consulted on important affairs. Married the widow of the late King of Derge (Derge Theiji) in 1934 and had a daughter by her in 1936. Has suffered from occasional fits of insanity. Believed to be suspicious of Chinese and likely to be cautious in dealing with them.

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