Tendong Shappe

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bkras mthong ba zhabs pad bkras mthong
Tibetan script rendering of Tendong Shappe

Gyurme Gyatso

'gyur med rgya mtsho
Tibetan script rendering of Gyurme Gyatso

Tethong-nga, Tendong Nga I, Ten-dong-nga-shape


Born 1890 Served in Government 1913 Died 1938


Tendong-nga Tendong Shape. Personal name Gyurme Gyatso. Born about 1884. Was De-pšn commanding the Dalai Lama's body-guard. Sent to Kham on military service in 1932. In all, he has spent about 17 years on military service in Kham in various military capacies. Is the junior Shape but his influence in the Kashag appears to be growing. Appointed Shape in November, 1932. Early in 1935 the Kalon Lama, Thupten Sakya, (q.v.) was appointed to take his place as Commissioner in Kham and he is reported to have been deputed to go to China in connection with affairs of the Tashi Lama. No news of the probable date of departure of the deputation has been received [1935]. Very friendly and sociable. He sent his eldest son to learn English from members of the British Mission to Lhasa in 1936-37.

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Tendong Shappe