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bon grong
Tibetan script rendering of Bhondong

Tseten Dorji

tshe brtan rdo rje
Tibetan script rendering of Tseten Dorji

Bhondong Shape, Bšnshš-pa, Bhšndong


Born 1889 Served in Government 1906 Died 1945


Bhšndong. Personal name Tseten Dorji. Born about 1892. Was a Ka-trung (Secretary to the Kashag) for 15 years. Appointed Shap-pe (Cabinet Minister) in the summer of 1934. His long experience of the secretarial side of the Kashag has given him great influence as a Shape. His brother Tsesum Phunkhang (q.v.) was Tibetan Trade Agent, Yatung, from 1933 to 1940. Died on 9th May, 1945.

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Bhondong Shappe