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Related Literature

1. 'The Anthropologist as Photographer: Reading the Monograph and Reading the Archive', by Christopher Morton. Reproduced by kind permission of Taylor & Francis. read PDF version

In this article, first published in the journal <Visual Anthropology> In 2005, Morton critically addresses a number of issues raised in an earlier article by Barbara Wolbert published in the same journal in 2000, which took as its central case-study the photographs published in E. E. Evans-Pritchard's classic monograph The Nuer . Morton takes a closer look at the archival evidence and historical contexts surrounding some of these well-known images as well as the production of the book itself, arguing that such evidence ultimately undermines the theoretical assumptions Wolbert makes about Evans-Pritchard's use of photography.

Electronic versions of other relevant literature will be added as they become available.


1. Sudan Open Archive at http://www.sudanarchive.net/

A site developed by the Rift Valley Institute providing access to a wide range of information about the Sudan, including technical reports and unpublished ‘grey' literature. The site also provides links to a wide range of other relevant websites.

2. Gurtong at http://www.gurtong.org/

A site developed by the Gurtong Peace Trust providing information on cultural, social, political, humanitarian, and other development issues in Southern Sudan.

3. Understanding Sudan at http://understandingsudan.org/

A 'teaching and learning resource' based at the department of International and Area Studies at the University of California, Berkeley that aims to portray 'the variety of Sudanese experiences'.

Links to other websites will be provided as they become available.


The bibliography provided on this site lists all the publications referred to in the website, including all the catalogue entries. It is not intended as a comprehensive bibliography of all the literature relevant for understanding the cultures of Southern Sudan, for which a variety of resources exist elsewhere; see, for a recently published example, Southern Sudan: An Annotated Bibliography , by Terje Tvedt (London: I. B. Tauris, 2004).

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