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As given in Vernon, 1909: p. 40. This memorandum, circulated after the 1847 British Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Oxford, was circulated to members of the University:

'We, the undersigned, being officially connected with various institutions for the advancement of Natural Knowledge in this University, are of opinion that the several collections, contained in the Geological Museum in the Clarendon, the Ashmolean Museum, the Anatomical Museum in Christ Church, are deposited in rooms of inadequate dimension and inconvenient arrangement, and that their present efficiency and future progress are by these means retarded.

Believing that the future welfare of the University is intimately connected with the progress of all her institutions, we are desirous of furthering such steps as may tend to the erection of an edifice within the precincts of the University for the better display of materials illustrative of the facts and laws of the Natural world.

And in connection with such an edifice we should recommend that there should be one or more lecture-rooms arranged in a manner suited to Demonstrative lectures, and an apartment calculated to serve the purpose of a Library and place for Scientific meetings as occasion may require.

We earnestly commend this to the consideration of those who are interested in the future welfare of Oxford, and we shall be grateful for their opinions and advice as to future proceedings on this subject.

[The Vernons note that it was signed by Daubeny, Duncan, Acland and Walker]

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