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Taken from Vernon, 1909

Pages 16-17

'The building consisted of ten rooms, whereof the principal and largest are public. The upper is the Museum Ashmoleanum, the middle is the School of Natural History, where the Professor of Chemistry, Dr Plott, [sic] reads three times a week. The lower, a cellar, is the Laboratory, furnished with all sorts of furnaces, &c., for use and practice, which is performed by Mr. Christian White, the skilful and dexterous operator of the University, who, by the direction of the Professor, shows all sorts of experiments relating to that course, according to the limitation established by the order of the Vice-Chancellor. Near [p. 17] adjoining the Laboratory, under the same roof, are two faire [sic] rooms, whereof one is designed for a Chemical Library, to which several books of that argument have already been presented; the other is made use of as a storeroom for Chemical preparations, where such as stand in need of them are furnished  at easy rates. Near the Museum (under the same roof) is a room fitted for a Library of Natural History and Philosophy. The other remaining rooms are the lodgings, chambers, and studies of the Keeper of the Museum, whereof one, which is most convenient, is sometimes employed for private courses of Anatomy.' [No source is given for this quote other than it was written by Anthony à Wood.]

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