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Christ Church College, University of Oxford, collection of artefacts from James Cook's first voyage

The following pdf, written by Jeremy Coote and published in the Journal of Museum Ethnography [16] in 2004, contains information about a collection of artefacts from the first voyage of James Cook, given by James Banks to Christ Church and loaned by them to the Oxford University Museum before 1884. 

We are very grateful to the Editor of the Journal of Museum Ethnography for allowing us to include this pdf on this site.

Bibliographic reference: Coote, J. 2004. ‘An interim report on a previously unknown collection from Cook's first voyage: The Christ Church collection at the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford’, Journal of Museum Ethnography, 16 (2004), pp. 111–121.


JME 16 Coote Christ Church Cook collection pdf

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