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Thomas Henry Toovey Hopkins (1831-1885)

Information from Magdalen College, Oxford archives:

Thomas Henry Toovey Hopkins (1831–1885) matriculated from Trinity College in 1851 and received a Demyship at Magdalen College in 1853. He took his BA in 1856, and was elected to the fellowship in the same year. In 1858, Hopkins took his MA and was ordained Deacon. He served the college as a tutor in 1858–81, Bursar in 1862–65, 1869 and 1881–85, Junior Dean of Arts in 1861, 1867 and 1868, Vice President in 1870 and 1871 and Dean of Divinity in 1872–74, 1877 and 1879. Hopkins was ordained a deacon in 1842 and priest in 1853. In addition to the positions Hopkins held at Magdalen he was also Curator of the University Chest in 1883–85, Curator of the Parks in 1862–85 and Delegate of the University Police in 1873–75. He resigned his position as Bursar at Magdalen in 1885 on account of his failing health and died at Sandown in the Isle of Wight in the same year at the age of 54. The College Barge was given in his memory; pictures in MC:F22/P1/1 shows that Hopkins was a very keen rower as an undergraduate.

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