S&SWM PR papers B427

Dec 16th 91 | 32 George Street | Hanover Square, W

Dear Sir

I am gratified to hear that you honoured me with a call at my rooms in George Street and I am very sorry that I was not at home. I am not able to keep all my consignments from Japan in the limited space available there, but I have some choice specimens of Japanese weapons, armour &, and some selected pieces of old Bizen and other early Japanese art pottery which I should like to have the pleasure of showing you and which I would put out if you can pay me a visit at another date, of which I shall be glad to have notice, as I have frequently to make country journeys to examine collections and to see collectors and I should like to be at home and to have the pleasure of receiving your visit.

I have lately received a very interesting series of very early Japanese carvings by deities and ancestral warriors honored as Gods They are rather bulky so that I am not able to keep them at my rooms. I should like to show them to you if you think they would interest you. Some of them date back so far as the 10th century.

Yours faithfully
M. Kataoka

Dec 16th 91 | 32 George Street | Hanover Square, W

Dear Sir

M Kataoka told me the makers and dates of the goods you bought, which I have written below

Set of three sake cups made by Hisa-taka, Kaji-Kawa middle of 18th cent.

Inro by Yo-sei end of 17th cent

Bizen figure

early 18th cent.

I hope that will do

Yrs faithfully
G. Kowaki

The Bizen figure is Add.9455vol3_p759 /7, the inro is Add.9455vol3_p759 /8, the sake cups are Add.9455vol3_p760 /1-3

Transcribed by AP for Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project August 2011

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