Contributors to the founding collection of the Pitt Rivers Museum and Pitt-Rivers' second collection


Vallentine, Jacob & Son; Biography: Dealer of 59 Wych Street, Strand, London. 'Jacob Valentine is recorded as 'clothes salesman and dealer in curiosities' at 60 Wych Street in the records of the Sun Fire Office 1821. Vallentine [sic] is listed as 'dealer in curiosities' at 60 Wych Street in Pigot's Directory, 1839 and is listed as 'curiosity dealer' at 60 Wych Street, Strand in the Post Office Directory for 1841. Jacob Vallentine and Son [sic] are also listed as 'curiosity dealers' at 4, 59 & 60 Wych Street in Kelly's Directory, 1882.' Some Entries' ..from Mark Westgarth, A Biographical Dictionary of Nineteenth Century Antique and Curiosity Dealers, (Journal of Regional Furniture, Special Issue, 2009).; Dates: fl. 1821-1882; Collection: Second collection

Venables, Edmund; Biography: Precenter and canon residentiary of Lincoln Cathedral. 'Accomplished archaeologist' according to following site; Dates: ?-1895; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Vivian, Henry Hussey; Biography: First Baron Swansea, industrialist, metallurgist, MP; Dates: 1821-1894; Source:,_1st_Baron_Swansea; Collection: Second collection

Vize, George Henry; Biography: He appears to have been a boxer, and also a numismatist, collector of china and antiquities, though I can find few reliable sources to date. He seems to have lived at 311, Holloway Road, London; Dates: ?1845-1914; Collection: Second collection

von Siebold, Heinrich; Biography: BM biographies database states: 'Second son of Philip Franz von Siebold (q.v.); born in Boppard am Rhein, first went to Japan in 1869,where he worked for thirty years as translator and diplomat in the service of the Austro-Hungarian embassy in Tokyo. He took a great interest in continuing his father's collecting work and in the autumn of 1877 undertook archaeological excavations at the Omori shell-mound at the same time as Edward Morse. His collection of more than 5,000 Japanese objects is held in the Museum of Ethnology, Leiden.' It seems more likely that his father was the source of the object referred to; Dates: 1852 - 1908; Collection: Second collection

von Siebold, Philip Franz; Biography: Also has collections in the British Museum. German physician who practised in Japan, and was the first European to teach medicine there. He was also a keen botanist. His patients donated the objects that formed his ethnographic collection. His small private museum eventually became the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden.; Dates: 1796-1866; Source:; Collection: Second collection

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