Contributors to the founding collection of the Pitt Rivers Museum and Pitt-Rivers' second collection


O'Connor, General; Biography: Possiblities include Major General Sir Luke O'Connor (1832 - 1915), who served in the 'Ashantee war' in 1873, or Major General Luke Smyth O'Connor (1806-1873) who also served in West Africa.; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Ogden, William; Biography: Dealer, based in Oxford. Born in Bettow, Rutland and aged 70 in 1901. He is described in the 1901 census as 'dealer in works of art'.; Dates: ?1831-?; Collection: Second collection

Oka; Biography: Nothing is known of this Japanese carver whose name might not be accurately given. According to the catalogue his dates were 1760-1830; Dates: 1760-1830; Collection: Second collection

Old Worcester; Biography: See Worcester pottery [qv]; Dates: From 1751; Collection: Second collection

Orpin, Thomas; Biography: Engraver associated with second Pacific voyage by James Cook; Dates: Unknown active 1772; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Otley (or Ottley), (George) Brook Taylor; Biography: Commissioner of public works (Ireland).; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Oulton; Biography: Nothing is known about this collector associated with objects from Belfast, Northern Ireland obtained in 1864; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Ovchinnikov, Pavel Akimovich; Biography: Enamel manufacturer and creator, based in Moscow. His firm was founded in Moscow in 1853. 'He was the first Russian silver maker to embrace the pan-Slavic revival style, and in 1868 nearly two decades before Faberg̩, the firm received the title of court supplier, allowing it to incorporate the imperial double eagle in its trademark.'; Dates: Firm 1853-1916; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Ovonramwen Nogbaisi; Biography: Ovonramwen Nogbaisi was the Oba of the Kingdom of Benin before the British Punitive Expedition, which sent him into exile; Dates: 1888-1914; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Owen, W.; Biography: Dealer of 11 Elizabeth Street, Eaton Square, London; nothing further is known of them; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

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