Contributors to the founding collection of the Pitt Rivers Museum and Pitt-Rivers' second collection


L'Ecole d'Anthropologie de Paris; Biography: Self explanatory, it is unclear why they decided to send Pitt-Rivers some items, in August 1894 as Pitt-Rivers is not known to have visited France on summer holiday that year. However, they may have come with Emile Cartailhac [qv] who attended the 1894 BAAS meeting at Oxford where Pitt-Rivers was also present; Dates: Not relevant; Collection: Second collection

Lambeth Pottery; Biography: Series of pottery manufacturers based in Lambeth London in the eighteenth century; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Lancaster, Charles William and Co.; Biography: A firearm dealer and maker in New Bond Street, London.; Dates: Unknown, active 1820-1890; Source:; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Landauer & Co.; Biography: Merchants based at 36 Fenchurch Street, London; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Landesque, L'abbé; Biography: French priest and archaeologist who worked in the Dordogne. Described in following article as 'L'abbé Landesque, originaire de Castillonès effectue, après son ordination de prétre, des recherches autour des cures dont il a la charge: Fumel, Saint-Just, Devillac, Lavalade. Il parcourt les champs en récoltant de nombreux silex taillés et decouvre ainsi de nombreux sites de plein air, plateau Baillard, Gondon, Roquepine, plateau de Libos. Laborie (Landesque, 1889) et fouille les grottes de Gavaudun (Landesque 1874a, b] mais aussi Combe-Capelle vers 1885 (Landesque 1887).' [Turq Alain. Historique des recherches. In: PaleÌ o. N. 2, 2000. Le paleolithique inferieur et moyen entre Dordogne et Lot. pp. 18-21.]; Dates: 1838-1905; Collection: Second collection

Landseer, Thomas; Biography: Engraver and print-maker, brother of the more famous Edwin; Dates: c. 1795-1880; Source: here; Collection: Second collection

Larkin, Thomas Joseph; Biography: Dealer in Oriental antiquities, based in New Bond Street, London. He worked for the Japanese telegraph service and later exported a large number of Japanese objects of art. Once he had established his dealership he travelled back to China and Japan often. See 'Thomas Joseph Larkin' The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs, Vol. 26, No. 144 (Mar., 1915), p. 263; Dates: ?-1914 or 1915; Collection: Second collection

Lartet, Edouard Armand Isidore Hippolyte; Biography: Geologist, prehistorian and palaeontologist based in France, worked with Henry Christy.; Dates: 1801-1871; Source:Édouard_Lartet; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Lasham, Frank; Biography: Frank Lasham lived in Guildford from the age of sixteen, he was a prominent businessman and keen local historian. President of the Guildford Natural History & Literary Society (GNH&LS) for 16 years and a member of the Surrey Archaeological Society; Dates: 1850-1925; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Last of Shrewsbury; Biography: Based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Dealer or auction house, nothing is known for sure.; Dates: Unknown circa 1870; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Latta, William; Biography: Resident of Gabon, member of the Anthropological Society of London from 4 December 1866, nothing else is known about him.; Dates: Unknown active 1866; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Laudin family; Biography: of Limoges, France. They dominated the production of enamelled ware in the seventeenth century and were reportedly the last major enamellers of Limoges; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Law, Benjamin; Biography: Sculptor, born in England but lived in Australia.; Dates: 1807-1890; Source:; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Law, David; Biography: From the following website: 'A Scottish painter and etcher who spent 20 years as a map engraver for the British Ordnance Survey in Southampton. As a watercolourist, he painted landscapes, detailed scenes of ships and architectural subjects. One of the founding members of the Royal Society of Painter Etchers, formed to protect the rights of etchers and to promote the craft as a work of art in its own right. His etchings of the paintings of Turner and Corot are well known, but it is with etchings of his own work , such as his series of British castles, that he found real and justifiable success. RPE, RBA and exhibited RA.'; Dates: 1831-1901; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Law, W.A.; Biography: Nothing is known of this source except he might have served with the Grenadier Guards, the object in question was said to be obtained for the Grenadier Guards.; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Lawrence, Edwin Henry; Biography: Stockbroker. Father-in-law of Alessandro Palmi di Cesnola, member of Society of Antiquaries.; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Founding collection, PRM and second collection

Lawrence, George Fabian; Biography: George Fabian Lawrence was an antiquarian, collector and dealer based in Wandsworth, London. In April 1911 he was appointed 'Inspector of Excavations' at the London Museum; Dates: 1861-1939; Collection: Second collection

Learmouth, Mrs; Biography: of Hanford, Dorset. Nothing is known about her for sure.; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Leeds Pottery; Biography: Leeds pottery was founded by John and Joshua Green with Richard Humble. They produced household goods, their most popular line being creamware. In 1781 William Hartley joined the company.; Dates: After 1770; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Lefevre; Biography: Dealer in Maçon, France.; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Founding collection, PRM and second collection

Leider, possibly Lieder, John R.T.; Biography: Also donated Egyptian antiquities to British Museum in 1869. May have been either Alice Lieder(wife) or Revd John R.T. Lieder, a Church of England [CMS] missionary who resided in Egypt from 1826 until his death in 1865 (JEA 72 (I986), IOI-3; Dawson and Uphill, Who was Who in Egyptology (London, I972), 179, hereafter WWWIE). [Information from 'Squeezes in Grantham Museum Made by Alice Lieder in 1851-2' Author(s): D. N. E. Magee and J. Malek Source: The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, Vol. 77 (1991), pp. 195-197 Published by: Egypt Exploration Society Stable URL:] NB if this is correct spelling, note that parts of the Leider collection were also obtained by William Amherst Tyssen-Amherst in the 1860s, and this fits with Lieder's death. [British Museum also uses Leider & Amherst spelling]; Dates: Unknown active 1869; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Lely, Peter; Biography: Painter of Dutch origin who worked mostly in England; Dates: 1618-1680; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Lemille Brevété; Biography: Gunmaker from Liège, nothing further known.; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Lewis, Betsy; Biography: Nothing is known of this previous owner, except her name is given on a jug and she lived in Auchtermuchty; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Lewis, Lewis; Biography: A road labourer, working around Donhead St Mary where he lived. He is listed in the 1871 census as 'Jenkins Corner, Lewis Lewis, Head of household, aged 37, Agricultural labourer, born in Donhead St Andrew Wiltshire'. His wife was a glover and he had four children.; Dates: ?1834-?; Collection: Second collection

Liberty & Co.; Biography: Department store on Regent Street, London started by Arthur Lasenby Liberty. It sold ornaments, fabric and object d'art from Japan.; Dates: From 1875; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Lindenschmit, Ludwig; Biography: Ludwig Lindenschmit was an art teacher in Mainz before he became head at Ramisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum in that city in 1851.; Dates: 1809-1893; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Lindsay, Coutts; Biography: 2nd baronet, artist and founder of Grosvenor Gallery in London; Dates: 1824-1913; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Lindsay, John; Biography: Numismatist, antiquary and barrister based in Cork, Ireland, his coin collection was sold in London in April 1867. He is described on the following website as: 'John Lindsay was an eminent Irish numismatist. He was born in Cork in April 1789, the eldest son of the barrister Thomas Lindsay, and was a lineal descendent of John Lindsay, Earl of Crawford. Lindsay was educated in Cork and at Trinity College Dublin. He worked briefly as a barrister, but the income he inherited from his father allowed him to commit himself fully to his numismatic and antiquarian interests. Lindsay published a number of numismatic works between 1839 and 1868, including Notices of remarkable Greek, Roman, Anglo-Saxon and other medieval coins in the cabinet of the author in 1860. These books were usually illustrated by his daughter (later Mrs Carleton) and were recognised to be some of the best examples of the Cork typography of the time. Suffering from poor health in the 1860s, Lindsay was persuaded to sell his coin collections. The Sotheby's sale on August 1867 realised £1,260. Lindsay died on 31 December 1870'. Other items were sold by Sotheby in April 1868 (where Pitt-Rivers is known to have acquired items).; Dates: 1789-1870; Source: here; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Ling Roth, Felix Norman; Biography: Brother of Henry Ling Roth [qv]. His brother's book, 'Great Benin: Its Customs, Art and Horrors' (1903) was based on the records of Felix who was medical officer to the Benin punitive expedition. See 'Felix and Henry Ling Roth and the Benin Aftermath,' in Iain Davidson and Russell McDougall (eds) The Roth Family, Anthropology and Colonial Administration (London 2005); Dates: 1857-1921; Collection: Second collection

Ling Roth, Henry; Biography: Henry Ling Roth was an anthropologist, author and museum curator. He travelled widely in his younger years (Guyana, Russia, Australia), but from 1888 he settled in Halifax where he worked in business and was a part-time curator at the Bankfield Museum from 1890 and the keeper from 1912. According to the ADB Roth authored 'Great Benin: Its Customs, Art and Horrors (1903), which was based on records of his brother F. Norman who was medical officer to the Benin punitive expedition.'; Dates: 1855-1925; Source:;roth; Collection: Second collection

Linklater, Henry; Biography: On the following website it states: 'The earliest photographs from the Labrador mission field were taken by Captain Henry Linklater of the missionary vessel Harmony, which annually supplied the mission stations and obtained the seal oil, pelts, and other goods traded in Moravian stores. In the June 1875 issue of the English missionary journal Periodical Accounts, "Labrador Views, Photographed from Nature by Capt. H. Linklater of the Harmony" were advertised for sale to the benefit of the mission.'; Dates: No specific dates known; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Litchfield, Frederick; Biography: Furniture and art object dealer of 28 and 30 Hanway Street off Oxford Street, London. He was the author of 'The Illustrated History of Furniture' [1899], and 'Pottery and Porcelain: A guide to collectors' [1900]. Deborah Cohen, ''Household Gods' 2006: 150-1, Frederick Litchfield, ran the Sinclair Galleries in Soho, grew up in the bric-a-brac shop his father managed.' ['The Sinclair Galleries' The House 37 (March 1900): 15); Dates: 1850-1930; Collection: Second collection

Liverpool Museums; Biography: This refers to the museum now known as National Museums, Liverpool and specifically World Museum Liverpool; Dates: Not relevant; Source:; Collection: Second collection

London & Burma Merchandize Co.; Biography: Associated with the Burmese section of the Empire of India exhibition held at Earls Court, London in 1895, nothing further is known; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

London Corresponding Society; Biography: Moderate-radical body concentrating on reform of the Parliament of Great Britain; Dates: 1792-1799; Source:; Collection: Second collection

London Exhibitions Ltd; Biography: See following website: '... Imre Kiralfy, Harold Hartley and Paul Cremieu-Javal came together to form the nucleus of London Exhibitions Limited, with Kiralfy becoming the Director General. He was to remain on the board of this company until at least 1909, even though his main business interests were connected with the White City from 1907 onwards. They purchased the Hippodrome in Paris, re-erected it at Earls Court where it was renamed the Queens Court and then ... blew down in a gale. ... The show "Empire of India" opened on the 10 May 1895 ... it was still a success. One of the main attractions was the Indian Jungle designed by the famous taxidermist, Rowland Ward. This exhibition was so successful that it was carried on in 1896 with additional features from countries like Ceylon, Borneo and Burma.'; Dates: From 1895; Source: Court.htm; Collection: Second collection

Long, Jon; Biography: Nothing is known of this maker.; Dates: Unknown, active 1827; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Lovegrove, William Herbert; Biography: Indian Civil Service forester. He went to India in 1889 as the Assistant Conservator of Forests in the Bengal Presidency. He became Divisional Forest Officer and Conservator in Kashmir. Finally retired in 1919 from India and went to work for Forestry Commission in Wales. He finally retired in 1933. [Taken from his obituary:]; Dates: 1868-1940; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Lovibond, J. (possibly Lobibond); Biography: Nothing is known of this collector who is associated with items from the Fang in Gabon and an item from Cameroon; Dates: Unknown; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Lowther, William; Biography: Second earl of Lonsdale. Collection sold at auction at Christie's on 13 June 1887.; Dates: 1787-1872; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Lubbock, John (Lord Avebury); Biography: Banker, politician, and scientific writer. Pitt-Rivers' son-in-law.; Dates: 1834-1913; Source:; Collection: Founding collection, PRM and second collection

Lucas, W. or O.V.; Biography: Nothing is known of this source except he was a clergyman and the items come from the Skeena River area of British Columbia, Canada. They might be two separate people, both clergymen; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Lukis, John Walter; Biography: Mining engineer, geologist and archaeologist born in Guernsey and worked in Wales and France. He was director of a mining company in Huelcoat or Huelgoat in Brittany from 1877 to 1893 when he returned to Guernsey; Dates: 1816-1894; Source:; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Lynch, Thomas; Biography: Silversmith from Galway, Ireland. According to Christie's the maker of a silver mug which Pitt-Rivers obtained from Dorchester. Possibly Thomas Fitzfrancis Lynch who died in 1771; Dates: ?-1771?; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Lyon; Biography: Dealer, 135 High Holborn, London. gives his first initial as M.; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Lyon, George Francis; Biography: Naval officer and explorer.; Dates: 1795-1832; Source:; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

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