Contributors to the founding collection of the Pitt Rivers Museum and Pitt-Rivers' second collection


Jackfield Pottery; Biography: Pottery based in Shropshire, noted for its blackware. Its best work was done between 1760 and 1772 under Maurice Thursfield, son of the founder Richard Thursfield.; Dates: 1713-1780; Collection: Second collection

Jackson; Biography: Scythe manufacturer, possibly part of Spear and Jackson, the Birmingham-based hand tool manufacturer; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Jackson, J.; Biography: Nothing is known of this previous owner associated with an English jug dated 1796 obtained by Pitt-Rivers from Button of Regent Street [qv]; Dates: Unknown active 1796; Collection: Second collection

James, Frederick Vallance; Biography: Frederick James was Pitt-Rivers' head assistant who worked for him for 10 years before leaving to work at Maidstone Museum. Pitt-Rivers had been recommended James for the work by Charles Roach Smith [qv]. He supervised the archaeological excavations and surveyed the sites and supervised the other assistants whilst also acting as the General's secretary. He became curator and librarian at Maidstone in 1891. He wrote articles for the DNB; Dates: 1857-?; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Jamrach, Charles; Biography: Charles Jamrach (Johann Christian Carl Jamrach) (1815-1891) was a dealer in wild animals, based in St-George's-in-the-East; his son Albert Edward Jamrach was also a London dealer.; Dates: 1815-1891; Source:; Collection: Founding collection, PRM and second collection

Japanese Fine Art Association; Biography: Dealer based at 14 Grafton Street, London, sold Japanese wares. 'The Association was founded in Japan in 1880 and established in London in 1881 with the aim of supplying a fine collection of Japanese art work to the cognoscenti. The Gallery was originally situated on the first floor of 14 Grafton Street, moving to 7 King Street, St James after 3 years and then to 28 New Bond Street in 1888.' See pdf below; Dates: No specific dates known; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Japanese Fine Art Depot; Biography: Dealers, 15 Duke Street, Manchester Square, London; Dates: Not relevant; Collection: Second collection

Jarvis, Alfred; Biography: Museum attendant at the British Museum who sold reproductions of Assyrian statuary and carvings. Some of these were made in Parian ware by W.T. Copeland & Sons and modelled by Aaron Hays, a fellow BM attendant. See website for a similar piece given to British Museum. Jarvis was such a entrepreneurial dealer that he even advertised his 'Assyrian Reproductions' in the American Historical Review [see Vol. 1, No. 2 (Jan., 1896), pp. 384]; Dates: No specific dates known; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Jeff, John; Biography: Cabinet maker in Worcester; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Jeffreys, Edith Gwyn; Biography: Edith Gwyn Jeffreys was an (amateur?) sculptor who exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Show of 1885 and whose painting 'Daydreams' was bought by Pitt-Rivers. According to Andrew Potter of the Royal Academy Library, 'Miss Edith Gwyn Jeffreys showed "Day Dreams" here in the annual exhibition on 1885 (cat number 2048). She was living at Bedford Gardens in London at the time. It was the first time she exhibited with us and between 1886 and 1889 she showed another 8 pieces. It would appear that she only showed her work publicly at the Royal Academy and there seems to be no record of her career outside of these pieces (mostly terra cotta).'; Dates: Unknown fl. 1885-9; Collection: Second collection

Jensen, Peder; Biography: Presumably Danish collector or museum professional or archaeologist? He is associated with an archaeological bronze sword from Denmark; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Jerningham, Henry Valentine Stafford-; Biography: 9th Baron Stafford, British peer and politician.; Dates: 1802-1884; Source:,_9th_Baron_Stafford; Collection: Second collection

Jervais; Biography: Nothing is known about this collector who is associated with an object from Dinan Corseul Fanum Martis, France.; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Joass, James Maxwell; Biography: Antiquarian, geologist and clergyman based at Golspie from 1866-1914 in Scotland. He gave Pitt-Rivers a firearm that he showed at the Royal Archaeological Institute and he is mentioned in National Archives workbook 39/12 page 67 as a contact regarding St Kilda sheep [PR was keen to obtain and breed rare breeds of animals].; Dates: 1830-1914; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Johnston, William; Biography: Dealer of Westgate Street, Gloucester; nothing known. He is probably the William Johnston listed in the 1901 census as being aged 81, a retired furniture dealer born in Dumfries, Scotland.; Dates: ?1820-?; Collection: Second collection

Joken; Biography: Noh mask maker family.; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Jones, Tom Henry; Biography: of Holwell, Cranborne, Wiltshire, associated with horseshoes. This must be Tom Henry Jones aged 49 born in Cranborne Dorset and still living there, described as a 'farmer and builder contractor'.; Dates: ?1852-?; Collection: Second collection

Jones, William Hutchinson Bulkeley; Biography: Royal Navy surgeon based on South America station in 1840. He studied medicine at Glasgow University, and gained his degree in 1826. The following website says: [Addison 1727-1897 reads: Princes Town, Devon; Staff-Surgeon, Royal Navy.]; Dates: Unknown active 1826-; Source:; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Jordan, Mr; Biography: Lived in Queens Square (presumably London) according to accession book, but nothing else is known about this collector.; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Jover and Belton; Biography: Gunmakers of London according to accession book.; Dates: No specific dates known; Source:; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Juno, wife of 'King Sambo'; Biography: Aborginal woman from Queensland, Australia.; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

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