Contributors to the founding collection of the Pitt Rivers Museum and Pitt-Rivers' second collection


Gage, William; Biography: Major in the British Army, served at the Siege of Bharatpur apparently (nothing is known for sure); Dates: fl circa 1825-6; Collection: Second collection

Gallandt, Luigi; Biography: Italian artist and dealer, about whom little is known; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Galley, George; Biography: Dealer in Oriental objets d'art from The Oriental Warehouse at 119 Regent Street, London. Nothing else known; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Gallimore, Ambrose; Biography: A potter from Staffordshire involved in Caughley in Shropshire; Dates: Unknown active 1745-1790; Source: Turner.htm; Collection: Second collection

Gardner, G.; Biography: Pottery dealer based at 209 Brompton Road, London, no details are known; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Garthe, ?Hugo; Biography: The entry refers to the Garthe collection of Cologne. I can find a reference on to a portrait obtained from 'Sale Hugo Garthe, Cologne (Lempertz), 17 September 1877, lot 53' which might refer to the same source; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Gatehouse, Thomas E.; Biography: of Ludwell, Wiltshire, nothing else is known. This might be the Thomas E. Gatehouse listed in the 1901 census as a Master Tailor, aged 47, living in Donhead St Mary, Wilts (very close to Ludwell), listed in the 1891 census as living in Tisbury Wiltshire (in that census his second initial isn't given).; Dates: ?1854-?; Collection: Second collection

Gautier, Lucien Marcelin; Biography: French artist; Dates: 1850-1925; Collection: Second collection

Gavin, Thomas George Breadalbane Morgan-Grenville; Biography: He seems to have been a Major in the British Army and to have sold a large number of objects and paintings. Cannot find any information about this source; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Geddes, Patrick; Biography: Scottish biologist, professor of Botany at University College, Dundee from 1888. Visited Cyprus in the winter of 1896 to help with the refugees fleeing the war between Turkey and Armenia; Dates: 1854-1932; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Genge, Walter; Biography: Said by Volume III to be District Surveyor of the Shaftesbury Highway. In the 1895 Shaftesbury Kelly's Directory [see website] he is listed as being the Borough Surveyor & Sanitary Inspector. In the 1891 census he is listed as being married, aged 44 and a farmer, born in Shaftesbury, Dorset.; Dates: 1847-?; Source:; Collection: Second collection

George, Captain; Biography: Nothing is known of this collector though he presumably served in the Armed Forces and he was a fellow of the Geographical Society.; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Gheerardt, Marcus; Biography: Marcus Gheerardt also known as Mark Garrard, Flemish artist, son of another artist of the same name. The family came from Bruges but settled in England and painted for Queen Elizabeth; Dates: 1561-1635; Collection: Second collection

Giglioli, Enrico Hillyer; Biography: Italian zoologist and anthropologist, born in London and director of the Royal Zoological Museum in Florence, Italy; Dates: 1845-1909; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Gill, John (or possibly Thomas); Biography: John Gill and / or Thomas Gill was a gunmaker and sword-cutler based in Birmingham [Masshouse Lane]. He supplied royalty amongst others and experimented widely with various techniques according to one source. He patented his method of grooving rifles.; Dates: Possibly ?-1801; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Gilman, Charles; Biography: This collector was the local secretary for the Anthropological Society of London for Jamaica (where he presumably resided). He gave some objects from Nicaragua. Nothing further is known of him; Dates: Unknown active 1869; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Girard, B.; Biography: Possibly a gunmaker or previous owner, nothing is known for sure.; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Glà cklich, H.; Biography: Dealer in Homburg, Germany; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Glen, Robert; Biography: Dealer of 2-3 North Bank Street, Edinburgh, he was a bagpipe maker. He collected old weapons and Scottish musical instruments. 'The Glen and Ross Collections of Musical Instruments' Arnold Myers The Galpin Society Journal, Vol. 38, (Apr., 1985), pp. 4-8; Dates: 1835-1911; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Glover, Ambrose; Biography: Antiquarian and solicitor, living in Reigate.; Dates: Unknown ?active 1877; Source:; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Goddard, Cecil Vincent; Biography: Goddard was an Anglican clergyman, born at Abbots Ann in Wiltshire in 1858; son of Canon Francis Goddard. He became a rector, with several changes of address throughout his life that may reflect movement to different parishes: PRM records note Goddard living at the following: The Vicarage, Near Bridport, Dorset (in 1892); Baverstock Rectory, Salisbury, Wiltshire (in 1907-1922), and 62 Parkwood Rd, Boscombe, Bournemouth (1926-1931; possibly this was after retirement). The PRM acquired material from him between 1892 and 1931.[Sources: PRM accession books; Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine, Vol. 52 (1947 - 1948), p. 117, 119; 1901 Census] He also served at Chideock, Dorset. [CUL volume 3]; Dates: 1858-1933; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Godeffroy Museum; Biography: The Museum Godeffroy was a museum in Hamburg, Germany, which existed from 1861 to 1885.; Dates: 1861 to 1885; Source:; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Goll, Jaroslav; Biography: Professor, medievalist and historian.; Dates: 1846-1929; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Gonzaga, Vincenzo; Biography: Prince of Mantua, major patron of the arts and sciences and collector; Dates: 1562-1612; Source:,_Duke_of_Mantua; Collection: Second collection

Goodall, Edward Angelo; Biography: Watercolour artist; Dates: 1819-1908; Source:; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Goodenough, James Graham; Biography: Naval officer and explorer.; Dates: 1830-1875; Source:; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Goodenough, Major General; Biography: Presumably a British Army officer, could be William Howley Goodenough (1833-1898).; Dates: ?1833-1898; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Goodman; Biography: The previous owner of a drum from the northwest coast of America, nothing further is known; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Gordon, Arthur Charles Hamilton; Biography: Colonial Governor, first Baron Stanmore. He was an MP from 1854-7 and then secretary to William Gladstone. In 1861 he was given his first colonial governorship of New Brunswick, he moved to Trinidad in 1866. In 1875 he became governor of Fiji, and he remained there until 1880. The following three years he was governor of New Zealand and in 1883 he moved to Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) where he remained until 1890. In 1893 he was created Baron Stanmore.  Dates: 1829-1912; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Gordon, Rachel Nevil Hamilton-; Biography: Rachel Nevil Hamilton-Gordon was the daughter of Arthur Hamilton Gordon [qv], 1st Baron Stanmore and Rachel Emily Shaw-Lefevre. She died unmarried; Dates: 1869-1947; Collection: Second collection

Gott, Joseph; Biography: Sculptor. He was apprenticed in London to the sculptor John Flaxman from 1798 to 1802 and entered the Royal Academy Schools in March 1805, where he won a silver medal the following year. In 1822 Gott was sent to Rome, during '1822-4 Gott made hundreds of terracotta and plaster maquettes ...from which he drew inspiration for the next two decades ... In 1828 Gott took a studio at via Babuino 155 in Rome, which he kept for the rest of his life'. [DNB]; Dates: 1786-1860; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Gould, John; Biography: of Dunnington. Nothing is known of this previous owner of a jug; Dates: Unknown active 1780; Collection: Second collection

Gowland, William; Biography: BM collections biographical information states: 'Metallurgist employed between 1873 and 1876 in the Imperial Mint at Osaka, and one of the first foreign technicians employed in the industrialisation of Japan during the 19th century. During his time in Japan he conducted the first accurate surveys of one hundred and twenty tombs of the Kofun Period (3rd-7th centuries AD) and visited more than four hundred sites. His collection was bought by A.W. Franks (q.v.) for £238 in c.1896, who donated it to the British Museum. He published a number of papers including 'The Dolmens of Ancient Japan', etc. also on metallurgy and the Shijo School of painting. He became President of the Institute of Mining and in 1922 was charged with straightening out one of the sarsens at Stonehenge. Victor Harris & Kazuo Goto, eds, 'William Gowland: The Father of Japanese Archaeology' (British Museum Press, 2003) "William Gowland (1842-1922): Pioneer of Japanese Archaeology", in Hugh Cortazzi (ed.), 'Britain & Japan: Biographical Portraits, vol. 6' (Japan Society, 2007), pp. 271-80.; Dates: 1842-1922; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Gréau, Julien; Biography: French amateur collector, Julien Gréau, who collected mainly antiquities. The main part of his collection was acquired by J. Pierpont Morgan, who gave it to the Metropolitan Museum as part of his own collection in 1917. The Louvre Museum purchased another part of it. According to the Metropolitan Museum 'He amassed coins, bronzes, and terracottas. His greatest effort, however, was in the field of glass he gathered about five thousand glass objects, about one thousand of which were intact. In addition, he acquired extensive holdings of Roman and Gaulish pottery.'; Dates: 1810-1895; Source:éau_Collection; Collection: Second collection

Graffenried; Biography: Graffenried collection, presumably arms and armour, one of which came to Pitt-Rivers via Samuel Egger [qv] and Sotheby's [qv]. Nothing else is known of this collector.; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Graham, Mrs; Biography: Nothing is known of this vendor of ceramic objects.; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Graham, William; Biography: Nothing is known of this previous owner whose collection was sold by Stevens Auction Rooms in 1897. He may be the William Graham (1817-1885) described as 'Patron and collector of the Pre-Raphaelite school, especially Edward Burne-Jones' in the British Museum's biographical database. However, the type of artefacts (4 figures from New Guinea) make this less likely. An account of his life by Christie's, see website, says he came 'from the prosperous merchant class of western Scotland'. Born and educated in Glasgow, he succeeded his father as senior partner of the family business, W. & J. Graham & Co., which specialised in cotton-spinning and importing dry goods from India and the Continent....Graham entered parliament in 1865, though more from a sense of duty than because he enjoyed politics. For nine years he represented Glasgow in the Liberal interest...Graham's two passions as a collector were the early Italian masters and the Pre-Raphaelite school. He was a devout Presbyterian, and his belief that art should reflect the divine had a profound bearing on his taste....Graham started collecting in both his areas of interest in the 1860s, when he was already in his forties...Graham himself died on 16 July 1885, and the following April his collection came up at Christie's. The sale lasted five days, of which two were devoted to modern pictures and three to old masters.'; Dates: Possibly 1817-1885; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Grant, Charles Thomas Constantine; Biography: Served in Royal Navy and as secretary to James Brooke, resident at Lundu.; Dates: 1831-1891; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Grant, Mr; Biography: Dealer of St Clements, Oxford; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Great International Fisheries Exhibition 1883; Biography: Held in London 1883-4, a description of the Exhibition is available in 'Nature' 5 April 1883, page 536 and on; Dates: 1883-4; Collection: Founding collection, PRM and second collection

Green, Guy; Biography: Printer of tiles, based in Liverpool, he was partnered by John Sadler. See Ray, Anthony (1994) Liverpool Printed Tiles, London: Jonathan Horne Publications 1994); Dates: Unknown active 1750-1770; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Green, Jos.; Biography: Musical instrument maker of 18, Little Britain, London. Nothing further is known.; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Green, Stephen; Biography: of Imperial Pottery, Lambeth in London. One of a number of important potteries in the area.; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Greenwell, William; Biography: Church of England clergyman and archaeologist, he worked at University College, Durham and Durham Cathedral. His main claim to fame was as an archaeologist and collector.; Dates: 1820-1918; Source:; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Greg, Robert Philips; Biography: Mineralogist and writer. He lived at Coles Park in Buntingford, Hertfordshire. He was Justice of the Peace and chairman of the Buntingford Bench according to He seems to have been a keen antiquarian; Dates: ?1826-1906; Collection: Founding collection, PRM and second collection

Gregory probably Gregory, James Reynolds; Biography: Nothing is known about this collector who is associated with objects from Namibia. However in one of Lane Fox's notebooks owned by Anthony Pitt-Rivers there is a reference, page 153 Miscellaneous Notebook No. 4, to stone tools from Cape Town area being sold by Mr Gregory of Covent Garden in 1868 - this might well be the same Gregory. James Reynolds Gregory was a geologist and mineralogist, he founded a mineral specimen shop in 1858, which is still surviving [Gregory, Bottley and Lloyd]. He bought at auctions and from other collectors and dealers. He visited South Africa in 1868. It is possible that he is associated with a larger number of objects than identified in the accession books as he may also have been the source of items from Langham Dale from South Africa, see entries for details; Dates: ?1832-1899; Source:; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

Grose, Henry; Biography: Dealer based at 44 St Mary Axe, London E.C. He lived in Manor Road, Forest Hill and also worked from 17 Camomile Street, see London Gazette, March 3 1891 page 1228; Dates: ?-1890; Collection: Second collection

Grove, Agnes Geraldine; Biography: Known as Geraldine, and as 'Lady Grove', she was Pitt-Rivers' seventh child. She was a keen suffragette and essayist. Her husband, Walter John Grove, also gave objects to the collection [qv].; Dates: 1863-1926; Source:; Collection: Second collection

Grove, Thomas Hele Hooke; Biography: Tom Grove was the youngest son of Thomas Fraser Grove, 1st baronet (1823-1897) a Liberal politician and resident of Ferne House near Salisbury. His brother was Walter Grove, [qv], and his sister in law was Agnes, one of Pitt-Rivers' daughters [also qv]; Dates: 1862-1948; Collection: Second collection

Grove, Walter John; Biography: Husband of Agnes Geraldine Grove, qv. Second Baronet, landowner.; Dates: 1852-1932; Collection: Second collection

Groves, Mrs; Biography: of Dorchester, in whose garden a ring brooch was excavated. Nothing further is known of her.; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Groves, P.H. possibly Richard Henry; Biography: I cannot find a P.H. Groves listed as living in Blandford Forum in 1901 census, but a Richard Henry Groves was 'pharmaceutical & agricultural chemist (established 1824)' based in Market Place. He might be the right person; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Gunn, James; Biography: Dealer of 49 Bedford Street, The Strand, London, nothing further is known of him. He may have been a second-hand bookdealer, see which refers to James Gunn and Nattali, Bedford Street in this regard.; Dates: No specific dates known; Collection: Second collection

Gyles, Eleanor; Biography: Brass founder in London.; Dates: Unknown active 1772; Source: here; Collection: Founding collection, PRM

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