Here are a selection of the Benin objects from Pitt-Rivers' second collection (a very famous part of that collection, long since dispersed). The three earliest images show objects from Benin which now form part of the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford collections. The photographs at the end of the article are from the Museum of Fine Art, Boston where the objects are now held. Our thanks to Christraud Geary for providing the images. Copyright belongs to that Institution

Leopard mask, 1965.9.1 B

Leopard mask, Add.9455vol5_p1642 /2

Benin vessel  1975.7.2

Benin vessel Add.9455vol6_p1991 /3

Benin figure 1975.7.1

Benin figure  Add.9455vol5_p1711 /2

The above informal photographs were taken in March 2010 by Elin Bornemann of the Pitt Rivers Museum and by the DCF funded What's Upstairs project.

Benin figure sold by Sothebys on 15.11.1965, from sale catalogue


Benin figure Add.9455vol6_p1989

1978.412.310 Metropolitan Museum

The following item was sold by Sotheby's in 2006

Add.9455vol6_p1800 /1

Add.9455vol6_p1800 /1 photo by Sothebys

The following items are now in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston from the Robert Owen Lehman collection:

Add.9455vol5_p1637 /2

MFA, Boston head formerly volume 5 page 1637

Add.9455vol5_p1590 /2

MFA, Boston pectoral formerly volume 5 page 1590

Add.9455vol5_p1743 /1

MFA, Boston plaque formerly volume 5 page 1743

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