The Pitt-Rivers family own three albums of photographs of the Rushmore estate showing the changes made by Pitt-Rivers from 1880 and taken by Pitt-Rivers' Secretary, Harold St George Gray. Here is a selection of photographs of the Larmer Gardens. We are very grateful to Anthony Pitt-Rivers for loaning these albums to us and allowing us to use the images.

To compare photographs of the gardens as they are today, click here and for an account of the gardens in 2012, click here.

To see photographs of Rushmore and its interior from the albums, click here.

Rachel McGoff (June, 2012)

Bandstand, Larmer Gardens

Dining Hall (Pavilion), East Lawn, Larmer Gardens

Oriental Room, Larmer Gardens

Moulton Ware Chimney Piece with Persian Inscription, Oriental Room, East Lawn, Larmer Gardens

Hound's Quarter, Larmer Gardens

Indian Room (now known as the General's Room), Larmer Gardens

Japanese Bronze Pony, East Lawn, Larmer Gardens

Japanese Bronze Storks, Larmer Gardens

Lower Indian House, Larmer Gardens

Marble Statue in Owl's Quarter, Larmer Gardens

Temple, Larmer Gardens

Bronze Statue of 'Hunter of Early Days' by Boehm, Larmer Gardens

The theatre, Larmer Gardens

Upper Indian House, Larmer Gardens

Yak's Quarter, Larmer Gardens

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