The sale on 28 May 1883 was described in its frontispiece as

'Catalogue of a Collection of Antiquities personally collected in the East and various Phoenician, Assyrian and Cyprian cylinders cones seals and pendants also Terracottas, Greek Etruscan and Roman &c &c which will be sold at auction by Messrs Sotheby, Wilkinson and Hodge ... On Monday the 28th day of May 1883 at One O'Clock precisely.

The annotated auctioneer's sale catalogue, of which the Pitt Rivers Museum has a photocopy of the set held by the Bodleian, lists Pitt-Rivers (or Lane Fox as he was then) as the purchaser of the following lots:


Lot no

Sale Catalogue Description

No of objects

Price paid





… A bronze Mason’s chisel Nicosia very rare




Apparently not listed in the founding collection



… Five incised objects of uncertain use made of limestone Sidon curious




Apparently not listed in the founding collection

These lots do not appear to have been placed with the founding collection and must have remained with Pitt-Rivers private collection acquired before 1885, this private collection does not appear to have been catalogued and therefore the contents have been lost to documentation. The only other explanation is that the items are recorded, and are part of the founding collection, but are recorded so differently that they cannot be matched. This is the same as items acquired on 21 March 1877, listed separately.

AP May 2012

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