In a workbook at the National Archives (39/16) there are a few pages which appear to relate to the provision of a new display at Pitt-Rivers' private museum at Farnham. Here is a transcription of the relevant pages. Note that the pages before list similar (or the same) objects, see here for a transcription of those pages.

This was possibly written in 1885, which was when the rest of workbook was written probably by one of Pitt-Rivers' assistants who had been charged with working on the Farnham displays.

Page 178

July 15th

Began work on Exhibition soon after 12 o'clock

(1) Malay Bullock cart (wheel-less)

(2) Malay pestle and mortar called Losong from Selangor

(3) Malay bellows from KUALA KANGSA, PERAK

(4) Model of Rice pounder from Penng [sic]

(5) Model of Torch stand from Simits Sellan [illegible]

July 15th

Page 179

Series of shields [insert] panels of houses [end insert] with faces (four) in Queensland section

one on archway

Krooboys West African Colonies Harp used in West African Section [Drawing]

Object for game similar to boat shaped in [insert] S.S. Sec [end insert] from Gold Coast

Warri board

Oracle of the Fetish god IFA with drummer and persons bringing offerings

Page 180

Native brass work

Lagos in glass case

Fetichism and Fetich [sic] worshippers by Rev. P. Baudin Missionary on the slave coast of Africa

Published by Benziger Brothers

Printers with Holy Apostolic See New York Cincinnati and St Louis

Native hoes with iron shoeing

Native lock and [insert] own key (41) Modern

Page 181

Tools from Gold Coast

Mat loom with nut and apparatus for trial

Parrying shields (2) on table

object for working on the loom

Ashanti Drinking Cups (2) in wall case (one lamp)

Emblem of Maternity

Poison cup from C... [illegible]

Intervening pages are probably not concerned with displays

Transcribed AP October 2011

Note that the majority of these objects do not appear to be listed in the CUL catalogue of the second collection.

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