Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum's Pitt-Rivers papers contains a list of the pictures displayed at 4 Grosvenor Gardens in 1894, prepared by Colnaghi. [S&SWM PR papers B406] Preparing this catalogue, which took 2 visits to Grosvenor Gardens, cost Pitt-Rivers 3 guineas (the receipt is also present in the papers). There follows a transcription of this document:


Colnaghi's Identification of the Pictures at 4, Grosvenor Gardens London [insert] 30/4/ [end insert] 1894

List of Pictures and Miniatures the property of General Pitt-Rivers

Miniatures in the Drawing Room

Portrait of a Gentleman in blue coat by Cosway 1740-1821
Portrait of a Gentleman [illegible] (J.L) Gervais [sic] Spencer 1700-1763
Portrait of an officer not [illegible] about §750
Miniature in oil The Emperor Maximilian *
Henry IV of France in oil paint *
Mrs Tickell after Cosway *
Lady Oxford after Hoppner *
Head of a Lady by Van der Mijn 1720
Duchess of Portsmouth by Zincke enamel about 1715 *
Duchess of Buckingham by the same *
Carline (actress) time French Louis 16th *

Large Drawing Room

Portait of a Lady in yellow dress by Sir Peter Lely 1618-1680 [*several possibilities listed]
Portait of a Lady with red sack by Chas Jervas 1676-1739
Portait of a Lady in yellow dress holding a garland of flowers by Sir Godfrey Kneller 1646-1723 * [described in art catalogue as being by Hogarth]
Portrait of a Lady in grey dress & yellow sleeves pointing to a rose bush Sir
Peter Lely *
Europa after Paul [sic] Veronese 1528-1588
Lady in pink dress in oval by Highmore 1692-1780 [*several possibilities listed]
Portrait of a Lady with string of pearls by Cotes 1726-1770
Lady in oval in dark dress by Mary Beale 1632-1697
Portrait of a Lady in red dress school of Sir Peter Lely
[*several possibilities listed]

Dining Room

Portrait of Prince Eugene *
Head of Venetian Nobleman School of Titian
Portrait of a Gentleman by Hummeman [?] 1611-1680
Views of St James Park by Scott 1725-1772 figures by Hogarth *
Ecce Homo after Guilio *
George Earl of Cumberland by Geerarts 16th century *
Frederick of Bohemia by Ravenstseign [?] 1615-1676
The following series are of the School of S.
Scott 1725-1772
Lambeth *
London Bridge *
Westminster *
Bloomsbury *
Skinner Street *
Charing Cross *
Leicester Square *
Chelsea *
St Dunstans *
Putney *
The Tower *
Somerset House *
Buckingham Gate *
Old Palace Yard *
Northumberland House *
Old Westminster *
St James Park *
City Monument *
St James Palace *


Virgin & Child The Adoration School of Cologne *
La Joconde after L da Vinca *
The Lazy Servant after N. Maas *
Dead game by Weenix *

The Hall

Fête Champêtre by Lancret * [Pitt-Rivers' other catalogue says Watteau but it seems agreed now it is Lancret]
Man on Horseback copied Herring
The Saviour single figure in a landscape by Solario
A Naval Engagement by Lerreo [?] * [Pitt-Rivers' other catalogue says unknown artist]
The Adoration by Garofalo 1481-1559
Assumption of the Virgin Murillo * [Pitt-Rivers' other catalogue says Italian school]
A Boar Hunt, sketch by Rubens
A Bear Hunt by the same
Christ healing the sick by Pontormo 1494-1557
The Empress Catherine of Russia on horseback by Van Loo *
The Resurrection by Heemskerck Flemish in panel 1498-1574
Italian Moses Florentine School
A Lady writing but probably Mary Magdalene by Schosech [?]
Portrait of a Lady by Van der [illegible]
Portrait of a young lady by Ravenstein
View of Venice by Marieschi
Portrait of a Gentleman by Opie
Head of a Saint by Guercino
Camp scene Spanish school *
Girl with a Lamb Sir Joshua Reynolds * [Pitt-Rivers' catalogue says Gainsborough, then copy of Reynolds]
A Lady & Gentleman playing at chess by Phillips *

P & D Colnaghi & Co
13 & 14 Pall Mall East

* = known to have been included in the Art Catalogue prepared for the Pitt-Rivers family, other pictures might have been but they cannot be matched.

Transcribed by AP 2011

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