This web page lists objects from Benin in Nigeria owned by Pitt-Rivers, but either listed in the catalogue of the second collection and not listed in 'Antique Works of Art from Benin' (1900), or vice versa

1. Items from Benin which appear in the catalogue of the second Pitt-Rivers collection but do not appear in the published catalogue

Add.9455vol5_p1648 /1 Bt of Webster, Bicester ...  A. Small ivory dagger or prod, 9” long consisting of point of an elephant’s tusk, with rudely ornamented handle  Benin (The point has since been broken off) [Drawing annotated 1/2  ‘A’]

Add.9455vol5_p1649 /2 Bt of Lawrence  ... Ivory bracelet, 2 1/2” interior diameter, ornamented with dots consisting of points  of iron in a chequer pattern said to be from Benin [3 Drawings annotated 1/2]

Add.9455vol5_p1680 /1-2 Bt at Stevens’ Sale Rooms, 38 King Street, Covent Garden London ... Lot 194 2 Benin (Jekri) paddles [Drawing annotated 1/4]

Add.9455vol5_p1681/1-3 Presented  by H. Ling Roth Esq, 32 Prescot St. Halifax ... 3 carved wooden combs from the Sobo Country, Benin W. Africa [3 Drawings annotated 1/3]

Add.9455vol5_p1682 /1-2 Bt of Lawrence, Wandsworth ... 2 Benin Paddles W. Africa (Jekri) [Drawing annotated 1/6]

Add.9455vol6_p1779 /1 Carved wooden Jekri paddle neighbourhood of  Benin Bought of Cross, Liverpool [2 Drawings annotated 1/6]

Add.9455vol6_p1809 /1 Brass plate, Benin, W. Africa, with ornamentation formed by circular punch marks perhaps modern [Drawing annotated 1/3]

Add.9455vol6_p1810 /1 Brass plate, Benin, W. Africa, with ornamentation formed by circular punch marks The quatrefoil leaf ornamentation somewhat resembles that on the ground work of some of the plaques perhaps modern Bt of Webster [Drawing annotated 1/3]

Add.9455vol6_p1811 /1 Bt of Webster, Bicester ... Brass Jar from Benin, ornamented with coils and spirals in relief perhaps modern [Drawing annotated 1/3]

Add.9455vol6_p1811 /2 Bt of Lawrence ... Bronze Female figure, holding up a plaque or tablet in the right hand. The skirt ornamented with three bands of guilloche pattern, pointed and reticulated head-dress Loose coral necklace and cross-belts Benin  [2 Drawings annotated 1/2]

Add.9455vol6_p1911 /1 Bt of Webster ... Broad leaf-shaped Iron Sword, similar to that on last page. The handle enclosed in a large ring of metal, 7 inches in diameter. The blade, which is ‘08 inch in thickness is perforated by a pattern of holes.  Benin [2 Drawings annotated 1/4]

Add.9455vol6_p1932 /3 Bt of Webster, (cont’d)  ... Bronze bar, set with fragments of some red translucent substance, perhaps glass  Benin [2 Drawings annotated 1/2 ‘C’]

Add.9455vol6_p1933 /1 Bt of Webster, Bicester ... Brass armlet, ornamented with four heads of natives, having tribal marks on the forehead, and cylindrical projections radiating in all directions Benin [2 Drawings annotated 3/4]

Add.9455vol6_p1933 /2 Bt of Webster, Bicester ... Brass armlet, ornamented on the periphery by a conventionalized bird with wings, 3 oval boat-shaped objects, two flasks, two sinuous snakes, and four spiral coils Benin [2 Drawings annotated 3/4]

Add.9455vol6_p1936 /2-4  Bronze ring-money (manilla) in currency in West Africa & Benin .. 3 of these, 2 bought of Webster and 1 of Lawrence [Drawing annotated 3/4]

Add.9455vol6_p1938 /1 Bt of Webster  ... Wooden keg, coated with thin brass, ornamented with repoussé work representing six human heads in low relief, full face separated by bands of plain guilloche and other patterns. The stopper well carved in the form of a human head wearing a skull cap with a tassel hanging down on one side. The head looks as if possibly representing an European face. The metal is roughly fastened on with long oblong brass rivets Benin [Drawing annotated 1/2]

Add.9455vol6_p1988 /1-3 Unidentified objects from Benin, they appear to be parts of bigger objects

2. Items which appear in the published catalogue but are definitely not listed in the second catalogue

A. Page 58


... Fig. 214. Iron spear-head, modern, with ogee section, similar to those of Benin. Iron and brass bound shaft.

Note that Bernard Fagg in the Introduction to ‘Antique Works of Art from Benin’ Dover publications 1976 says that item 214 was from the Congo

B. Page 98


... Fig. 386. Wooden comb, with carved design.

This definitely does not match any of the illustrations for combs from Benin, or anywhere else

AP, June 2010.

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