Other owners and Pitt-Rivers' sources for objects in the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, founding collection

This is a list of all the people or organizations known to have owned an object, or through whose hands it passed, between being made and being obtained by Pitt-Rivers. Most of these people probably gave (or sold) the object they are associated with to Pitt-Rivers. To find out more about them click on the 'People' in the menu on the right hand side of this webpage. If you know anything more about these people please let us know via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Richard Almack
Anthropological Institute
Society of Antiquaries
Archaeological Institute
William Arthur or Arthurs
Mr Ballard possibly Charles Ballard
Joseph Banks
E. Bartlett possibly Edward Bartlett
Thomas Gabriel Bayfield
Edward Belcher
Mr Black
Eugene Boban
Boche  Paris
Mr Bolton
Mary Boteler
R.H. Brackstone
Cecil Brent
British Museum
James Brown
Charles E. Bryant
Anne Walbank Buckland
George Buckland
C. Buckley
Mr Bullock
Richard Francis Burton
Captain ?Ceaudouin
Alessandro Palma di Cesnola
Luigi Palma di Cesnola
Paul Belloni du Chaillu
Greville John Chester
Henry Christy
J.S. Clark
T.A.S. Clack
James Charles Clutterbuck
Lord Cochrane
E.S. Colbold or E.S. Cobbold
General Codrington probably William John Codrington
Miss Collins
Peter Comrie
'Captain Cook'
Richard Copeland
Mrs Copeland (Richard Copeland's widow)
Copenhagen Museum
Mrs Cowie
Robert McKenzie Cross
J. Crowther
Crystal Palace Great Exhibition, 1851
H.D. Cureton
A.C. Dahl
Langham Dale
Frederick Dally
Joseph Barnard Davis
Davitt or Darrit and Co.
William Boyd Dawkins
Robert Day
Henry Mangles Denham
W.B. [?W.R.] Dickinson
Theodore Dimitianou
Colonel Drayson
'Prince Ducas'
Robert Dunn
H. Warren Edwards
Mr Elliot
Ethnological Society
John Evans
Alfred Hart Everett
Fabre, Royat
P. Fegan
Great International Fisheries Exhibition
John Wickham Flower
Mrs John Wickham Flower
Robert Bruce Foote
W. Lane Fox
Augustus Wollaston Franks
Captain George
Charles Gilman
Ambrose Glover
Godeffroy Museum Hamburg
James Graham Goodenough
Major General Goodenough
Charles Thomas Constantine Grant
William Greenwell
R.P. Greg possibly Robert Philips Greg
W. Hackett
?HH Hall ?HH Hill
Mr B. Hastings
Theodore Minet Haultain
Nicholas Fenwick Hele
Mr Hewett
E.C. Hicks
F.W. Hicks
E. Higgins
Edward Hitchcock
Thomas Morland Hocken
Joseph Dalton Hooker
Edward Martin Hopkins
C. Horne
Osbert H. Howarth
William Henry Hudson
Hudson Bay Co.
Dr Hunt
R.H.C. Hunter
Thomas Joseph Hutchinson
B. Inman or Alfred Inman
Captain Irving (?Irvine)
Jamrach possibly Charles Jamrach 1871?  or Albert Edward Jamrach
Peder Jensen
William Hutchinson Bulkeley Jones
Mr Jordan
Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
Mr Kimber
R. Kirk
Robert Kirkwood
Daniel Montague Kisch
Edouard Armand Isidore Hippolyte Lartet 
Last of Shrewsbury
William Latta
Edwin Henry Lawrence
Leider [?Leiden]
William Herbert Lovegrove
J. Lovibond
John Lubbock (Lord Avebury)
John Lukis possibly John Henry Lukis
George Francis Lyon
Edward Horace Man
Clements Robert Markham
R.M. Martin
Mrs J.E. Marx
James A.S. Medhurst
Samuel Rush Meyrick
James Miln
William Milne
Mr Molin
John Moresby
Eugene Morris
Henry Nottidge Moseley
T. ?Mouldins
William C. Neligan
Colonel North
General O'Connor
Paris Exposition Universelle 1878
J. Parker probably James Parker
C. Parry
William Warner Parry
George Godfrey Pearse
John Pearse
John Petherick
George Petrie
William Matthew Flinders Petrie
William Augustus Lane Fox-Pitt
Robert Porrett
Frederick K. Porter
John Wesley Powell
Joseph Prestwich
Frederick George Hilton Price
Messrs Procter and Co.
Pulsky possibly Ferenc Pulszky
E. Bouverie Pusey
Mr ?Quloon
Robert Henry Ramsden
Dr Rayner possibly Frederick Matthew Rayner
Charles Hercules Read
A. Ready
Robert Ready
William Reid
H. Ridley
Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers
Ben Roberts
Mr Roberts
George Augustus Robinson
Admiral de ?Roegistorff
George Rolleston
Rollin and Feuardent
Major Rose
Royal United Services Institution
Logan D.H. Russell
Mr Sayers
Berthold Carl Seemann
Peter Lund Simmonds  or Lund-Simmonds
Sind Exhibition
Albert Smith
J.P. Smith
Smithsonian Institution
William Parker Snow
Thomas Swanton
Captain Thomas
M. Transon
Edward Burnett Tylor
William Stewart Mitchell D’Urban
US Museum
Moreton J. Walhouse
Robert Bruce Napoleon Walker
W. Wallbridge
James Weller
Robert Wells
F. Wetherell probably Frederic Augustus Wetherall
C. Whintle
J. White
William Whitaker
B.M. Whitfield
Samuel James Whitmee
Henry Wickham
E. Wigan
H.G. Williams
John Windele
John George Wood
Miss Woodburn
Bryce McMurdo Wright
George Young

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