Who owned the items from the second Pitt-Rivers collection before they came to Pitt-Rivers?

This is a list of all the people or organizations known to have owned an object, or through whose hands it passed, between being made and being obtained by Pitt-Rivers. To find out more about them click on the 'People' in the menu on the right hand side of this webpage. If you know anything more about these people please let us know via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Addington possibly Samuel Addington
Rutherford Alcock
Frederick Henry Andrews
G.C. Andrews
James Anning
Erasmus Arscot
A. Dupon-Auberville
Churchill Babington
Amy Susan Baker
Charles Sackville Bale
Ballymoney Museum, County Antrim
?Banks possibly Joseph Banks
Morrison Barlow
S. Barrett
Joseph Barrott
H. Bartle
Edward Bartlett
Thomas Bateman
William Bateman
James Beck
Peter Beckford
Thomas Brasher Beesley
Bergne, possibly J.B. Bergne
Ralph Bernal
Hotel Bernina
Mrs Best
Raghoji II Bhonsle
Mrs Bille
Aaron Poore George H. Billington
George H. Billington
Horace Walter Leighton Billington
Miss Billington
Bingham family
Lady Blackett
Humphrey Purnell Blackmore
Frank K. Blanchard
Napoléon Joseph Charles Paul Bonaparte
William Bragge
A. Brannan
British Museum
Brock collection
Arthur Brown
James Brown
Alexander Henry Browne
F. Smith Bucknole
Mr Bullock
Norman Burrows
Mrs Burt
Richard Francis Burton
Mr Button
John Calvert
John Campbell
John Hobart Caradoc
Archibald Campbell Carlyle
John Henry Rivett-Carnac
A.G. Carr
James Carruthers
Émile Cartailhac
Carter and Company, Poole
Captain Cartwright
Mrs Cartwright
Henry C.F. Castleman
Alessandro Palma di Cesnola
Luigi [Louis] Palma di Cesnola
Cetshwayo kaMpande
Greville John Chester
Susan Chown
Percy Christian
Henry Adrian Churchill
Hyde Clarke
Emile Louis Bruno Clement
John Talbot Coke
George Vicat Cole
Foster Connor
Charles Golding Constable
Albert Denison Conyngham
F. Cook
Mr Coombs
Runger Coray
Teodoro Correr
Charles Alexander de Cosson, Baron de Cosson
William Alfred Cotton
Elisabeth Brigitta Crispe
Thomas Crofton Croker
Roualeyn George Gordon-Cumming
Edward Cunnington
Mr Cunnington possibly William Cunnington
William Cunnington
H.D. Cureton
George Webbe Dasent
Thomas Dawes
Ernest Day
Robert Day
Christopher Beckett Denison
Hugh Welch Diamond
Percy William Doyle
William Richard Drake
James Drummond
D. Duff
Edward Duke
Francesco Duodo
Henry Durden
John Durden
William Edkins
Mr Edwards?
Samuel Egger
Arthur John Evans
John Evans
J.A. Eysser, Nürnberg
Henry Richard Farquharson
Mrs Ronald Farquharson
W. Farr
W. Wareing Faulder
Fenton & Sons
Mrs Field
Percy R.B. Fielding
Agnes Georgiana Dalton-Fitzgerald
William Flemington or Flemmington
Fontaine collection.
Julia Wyndham Forbes
William Henry Forman
Captain A. Foster
Fowler, possibly John Fowler
William Lane Fox
Augustus Wollaston Franks
R. Frewer
Walter W. Frizell
Gaston L. Feuardent
William Gage
Luigi Gallandt
Garthe, possibly Hugo Garthe
Thomas E. Gatehouse
Thomas George Breadalbane Morgan-Grenville Gavin.
Patrick Geddes
Walter Genge
Enrico Hillyer Giglioli
Cecil Vincent Goddard
Jaroslav Goll
Vincenzo Gonzaga
Arthur Charles Hamilton Gordon
Rachel Nevil Hamilton-Gordon
John Gould
William Gowland
William Graham
John Hamilton-Gray
Julien Gréan
Robert Philips Greg
Agnes Geraldine Grove
Thomas Hele Hooke Grove
Walter John Grove
Mrs Groves
Louis Hague
Mary Gavin Pringle Baillie-Hamilton
Mrs Hamilton
G.R. Harding
Benjamin Harrison
Magdalen Breadalbane Pringle Harvey
Thomas Hart
Warren Hastings
Hastings collection
C. Hayter, probably Charles J. Hayter
Mr Henriquez
C. Herrington
R. Herrington
Hebdige possibly George Hibdige
W. Hill
Thomas Hinton
Frank Hiscock
Francis Rogers Hiscock
H. Hoare
H.F. Holt
Thomas Hope
Mrs Hopkins
Wilhelm Hossman
Henry Hoyle Howorth
Mrs Edgell Hunt
Charles Hunt
James Frederick Hutton
Employee of the Indo-European Telegraph Company
George Isaacs
Richard Isaacs
J. Jackson
Frederick Vallance James
Alfred Jarvis
Henry Valentine Stafford-Jerningham
Tom Jones
Heywood Walter Seton-Karr
Count von Keglevics [possibly alternatively spelt Keglevich]
Mr Keller
D.F. Kennard
Henry John Yeend King
Mr King
W. King.
Colonel Knollys possible William Wallingford Knollys
Abbé Landesque
Frank Lasham
W.A. Law
Edwin Henry Lawrence
George Fabian Lawrence
Henrietta Maria Dillon-Lee, Lady Stanley
Betsy Lewis
Lewis Lewis
Coutts Lindsay
Henry Linklater
London & Burma Merchandize Co.
London Corresponding Society
William Lowther
W. or O.V. Lucas
George MacKenzie
W. Madge
Hollingworth Magniac
Sigridr Magnusson
Manfrini Palace, Venice
Edward Horace Man
Martin Brothers
Martin family
James A.S. Medhurst
Charles Meigh
Messer / ?R. Messer
Samuel Rush Meyrick
Milani collection
Henry Miles
Thomas Moffat
Antoine Montaignon or Montagnon
Lord Montague
Lionel Moore
Morgan collection
William Frend De Morgan
Charles Gould Morgan
Charles Octavius Swinnerton Morgan known as Octavius Morgan
Henry Nottidge Moseley
Moser Glass Factory, Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary)
George Mosset
Charles Murray
Jean François Albert Du Pouget de Nadaillac
William Chadwicke Neligan
W. Penny
William Matthew Flinders Petrie
William Henry Pickford
J.B.H. Pinto probably Yusuf Ben Haim Pinto
Lily Ethel Fox-Pitt
Lionel Charles Lane Fox-Pitt
Mary Netta Fox-Pitt
St George William Lane Fox-Pitt
William Augustus Lane Fox-Pitt
William John Cavendish Cavendish-Scott-Bentinck
Gustave Posno
H. Pressland
Frederick George Hilton Price
James Prince
William Prince
Elizabeth Pringle
daughter of Elizabeth Maitland Campbell Pringle
James Ralls
Hormuzd Rassam
Salomon Reinach
S. Richards
Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt-Rivers
W. Rivington
W.W. Robinson
Edward Thomas Rogers
Claude Camille Rollin
George Roots
Juan Manuel de Rosas
Henry Ling Roth
Royal United Services Institution
Arthur John Edward Russell
Salviati and Co.
Thomas Backhouse Sandwith
?Hannah Sargent
Ernest Bickersteth Savage
Luigi Sciaro or Sclaro
Heinrich Schliemann
Charlotte Elizabeth Schreiber
Ursula Katharine Scott
Robert Sedlen
Mary Seman
Alfred Seymour
Isabella Leighton Seymour
Lord Shand or Shands
Samuel Sharp
Lot Shearing
Philip Franz von Siebold or Heinrich von Siebold
A. Smart
Thomas William Wakes Smart
Charles Roach Smith
H.C. Smith
J. Smith.
W.J. Bernard Smith
Society of Antiquaries, London
Frederick Starr
Andrew Scott Stephenson
Stevens Auction Rooms
Hjalmar Stolpe
Mr Tarrant
Nehemiah Tatchell
Montague James Taylor
Wadham Terry
J. Rochelle Thomas
W. Thomson
Thomas Thorne
Herbert Samuel Toms
Tower of London (Royal Armouries)
Lord Tredegar (probably , 1st Baronet (1726–1806))
Trist collection
Captain Trollope, possibly Francis Charles Trollope
Thomas Trowbridge
Walter Tom, Arthur E or Earnest T. Trowbridge
Patrick Fraser Tytler
Jacob Vallentine & Son
Edmund Venables
Henry Hussey Vivian
George Henry Vize
Dr Wake
Robert Bruce Napoleon Walker
Robert Walker
William Wallace
Sophia Walter
Charles Warne
George Howard Waterfall
Dr Watt
Geraldine Webb
Webb collection
William Downing Webster
Richard Westmacott
Charles Westendarp
Francis Edward Whelan
William Whincopp
William Whitaker
George Whitby
E. Wigan
John Wilks
Henry Willett
Lord Willoughby
Mrs Samuel Willson
Captain Wilson
George Witherington
Bryce McMurdo Wright junior
Percy Scawen Wyndham
World Fair, Chicago 1893 [Columbian Exposition]
J. Young
Young collection
Louis Moritz Richard Zschille
Unknown occupant of Orchard Street
Unnamed clergyman
Unnamed dealer in Paris.
Unnamed farmer in St Moritz
Unnamed gentleman
Unnamed grandmother
Unnamed Lieutenant-Colonel
Unnamed postman of Samaden
Unnamed sale of Mexican Antiquities 1856 Lot 144
Household Brigade, British Army
Army Medical Museum USA
Exhibition of Ancient Helmets and Examples of Mail at the Archaeological Institute 3-16 June 1881

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