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PRM000011625Panpipes, of bamboo and plant leaf, from Tanna, Vanuatu; part of the Forster collection (Forster 154; 1886.1.1562)

Panpipes made from seven bamboo sections, held together near the top with a binding made from plant material, probably Pandanus leaf. A secondary binding of twisted plant material is also present. The tubes have been cut at the internode of the culm, meaning that they are sealed at the end; apart from the central pipe, which is open. It is probable that the central pipe has been damaged at some point, and shortened, as the binding is loose and the pipes can easily be removed


  PRM000095536Panpipes, side 1 (with scale)
PRM000095537Panpipes, side 2 (with scale)
PRM0001299845179Ashmolean label