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PRM0001349645179Arrow (top), of reed and wood, from Tanna, Vanuatu; part of the Forster collection (Forster 152; 1886.1.1197)

Composite arrow with reed shaft and multi-pronged point. The prongs are made from palm wood or tree fern, with a rough surface, and are bound together at the base with coconut fibre, inserted into the end of the reed shaft, and bound again with coconut fibre to hold them in place. There is material between the prongs of wood, but it is difficult to say whether this was inserted during manufacture to keep the prongs apart, as has been previously suggested, or whether the fact that the prongs are bound behind their widest point achieves this


  PRM0001293255179Arrow (with scale)
PRM0001349445179Detail of arrow heads
PRM0001293285179Detail of arrow head
PRM0001293305179Detail of binding
PRM0001297285179Ashmolean labels