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PRM0001349565179Arrow (centre), of reed and wood, from Malakula, Vanuatu; part of the Forster collection (part of Forster 144; 1886.1.1195)

Hunting arrow with reed shaft, from 7.2 mm to 8.4 mm in diameter, the wider end being at the point. A shallow notch is cut in the end, and the reed bound behind this with fine coconut fibre to prevent splits. The tapering head is made of palm or tree-fern wood, and has been inserted into the hollow of the reed and bound into position with coconut fibre


  PRM0001293145179Arrow (with scale)
PRM0001349615179Detail of arrow heads
PRM0001293155179Detail of arrow head
PRM0001293165179Detail of binding
PRM0001297265179Ashmolean label