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PRM0001349565179Arrow (bottom), of reed and wood, from Malakula, Vanuatu; part of the Forster collection (part of Forster 144; 1886.1.1194)

Arrow with shaft made from reed plant and black wooden barbed point. The head is secured to the shaft with plant fibre (coconut fibre), which has been covered with a dark, possibly resinous, material. The head is three sided, each with 29 barbs. It is probably carved from palm wood or tree fern. The end of the arrow has been very lightly notched, and bound with coconut fibre to prevent the reed from spiltting


  PRM0001293115179Arrow (with scale)
PRM0001349615179Detail of arrow heads
PRM0001293125179Detail of arrow head
PRM0001293135179Detail of binding
PRM0001297255179Ashmolean label