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PRM000127900Club, of wood, from Tonga; part of the Forster collection (Forster 72; 1886.1.1439)

Length 1370 mm. Width at top 128 mm (but note missing corner of tip). The carved decoration begins at 955 mm from the base with: two carved collars, 14 mm wide in total; 52 mm wide panel of geometric carving with chevrons and a geometric grid pattern (a variant on the ve’etuli design, which has been translated as ‘fast chaser, rapid runner’ (on the reverse is a large diamond motif); flat collar, 11 mm wide; 69 mm wide panel of geometric carving with a central diamond motif (the reverse of this panel is carved in a variant of ve’etuli with four avian ideograms); three flat collars 33 mm wide in total (the central collar is carved with three parallel grooves); 82 mm wide panel of geometric carving with square and chevron motifs (the reverse of this panel consists of carved lines making up a large triangular motif); three flat collars 39mm wide (the central collar is carved with grooves to form a zig-zag); 75 mm wide panel of geometric carving resembling herringbone twill or chevrons (the reverse is the same design of square and chevron motifs described above); flat collar 10 mm wide; 13 mm wide carved panel (carving resembles cross hatching); 5-10 mm wide flat panel at top of club. The end of the club is concave


  PRM000127901Club, side 2
PRM0001302505179Club head, side 1
PRM0001302515179Club head, side 2
PRM0001296555134Microscope image – detail of carving
PRM0001296575134Microscope image – club wood
PRM0001298075179Ashmolean label
PRM0001298085179Ashmolean label