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PRM0001345855179Fishing net, upea, of olonga and coconut fibre, from Tonga; part of the Forster collection (Forster 60; 1886.1.1426)

Large fishing net, made from olonga fibre (Pipturus argenteus), knotted around a gauge to keep the mesh size constant. Small sticks of light wood, probably hibiscus, are used as floats. The sticks are tied near one end with a cord of coconut fibre, which is tied to the coconut fibre cord used to form the upper border of the net. The weights at the bottom of the net are small pebbles of white coral, tied with lengths of coconut fibre to the bottom edge of the net.


  PRM0001296365179Microscope image of netting fibre
PRM0001296375179Microscope image of netting fibre
PRM0001296385179Microscope image of netting fibre
PRM0001352285179Electron microscope image of netting fibre
PRM0001297935179Forster label
PRM0001297945179Ashmolean label