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PRM0001349665179Belt, no′o, of coconut fibre, from Tonga; part of the Forster collection (Forster 59; 1886.1.1404)

Belt of plaited coconut fibre in two colours. It is probable that the centre of each cord is made up of a bundle of finer plied cords, which have been covered with coconut fibre to give the appearance of a fatter cord. Sections of the inner cords can be seen on the surface, but the internal structure cannot be verified without damaging the belt. The circumference of the plait at the ends is around 25 mm. The circumference increases around 600 mm from each end, to reach a maximum of 100 mm. The increase in circumference is achieved by increasing the amount of coconut fibre in the plait, and by increasing the number of strands in the plait. A knot is tied at one end of the belt before the commencement of the plait. At the other end, a loop approximately 15 mm in diameter has been made, and the ends of the cords concealed within the plait. This ‘hook and eye’ served presumably to secure the belt during use


PRM0001297745179Ashmolean labels