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PRM0001310665179Basket, kato alu, of root, coconut fibre, and shell, from Tonga; part of the Forster collection (Forster 88; 1886.1.1328)

Basket, kato alu, made from the aerial root of the alu (Epipremnum pinnatum). The alu is dyed black, and wound around a spiral coil of coconut leaf mid-ribs. The basket is decorated on the outside with braided coconut fibre. The base on the outside of the basket is also decorated with braided coconut fibre crescents


  PRM0001300465179Basket (with scale)
PRM0001296335179Detail of surface
PRM0001352195179Electron microscope image of alu vine
PRM0001296885179Older Ashmolean label
PRM0001297515179Ashmolean label
PRM0001297525179Ashmolean label