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PRM0001294935179Mat, of pandanus, from Tonga; part of the Forster collection (Forster 58; 1886.1.1172)

A mat made from plaited strips of pandanus leaf. The strips are approximately 2-3 mm wide. At each end of the mat a fringe made from folded triangles of pandanus leaf has been sewn on, the stitching also serving to secure the ends of the leaf strips that make up the mat. The mat measures approximately 2230 mm long (including the fringe) and 1830 mm wide. There is orange staining on the mat; this has the appearance of a coloured oil rather than a pigment.


PRM0001296845179Detail of fringe – from front
PRM0001296855179Detail of fringe – form back
PRM0001296865179Ashmolean labels
PRM0001334555179Forster label