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PRM0001349825179Rope, of coconut fibre, from Tonga; part of the Forster collection (Forster 177; 1886.1.1140)

3-ply rope made from coconut fibre. The plied strands are a group of 3-stranded plaits. The rope starts in a noose shape with the unplied fibres forming a loop. It is possible that the fibre in the loop is not plaited, as the loop is smooth and uniform. This end of the rope has been wrapped in a 3-stand plaited cord. This wrapping extends over the area where the plying begins. The end of the rope has a 135 mm long 3-strand plait wrapped around the rope where the plying stops and the plied strands are braid into a simple 3-strand plait that narrows in width until it is knotted off.


  PRM0001312205179Rope (with scale)
PRM0001312225179Detail of looped end
PRM0001296895179Ashmolean label