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1886.1.1637 .12 .4

PRM0001324755179Single pearl-shell valve, possibly part of a pair of clappers, tete, from a mourner′s costume, from the Society Islands (probably Tahiti); part of the Forster collection (possibly part of Forster 27; 1867.1.1637.12.4)

Single pearl-shell valve with part of a coconut fibre cord attached. Possibly one of a pair of clappers (with 1886.1.1637.12.3 or 1886.1.1637.12.5). If one of a pair of clappers, then an accoutrement of the chief mourner and thus to be considered part of the mourner's dress


PRM0001309325179Shell (with scale)
PRM0001309315179Reverse (with scale)