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1886.1.1637 .3 .1

PRM0001335755179Mask from a mourner′s costume, heva, of shell and feathers, from the Society Islands; part of the Forster collection (part of Forster 1; 1886.1.1637.3.1)

The mask is composed of seven shells, six being mother of pearl and one rectangular shaped piece being black pearlshell. The shells are perforated on the edges and tied together with coconut fibres. There is a small hole in one of the mother of pearl shells which served as a hole for sight. The mask is encircled with many long thin white feathers taken from the tail of the tropic bird


  PRM0001335765179Back of mask
PRM0001301865179Detail of shell
PRM0001301905179Detail of inside of mask
PRM0001301925179Ashmolean labels
PRM0001357785179Composite image of mourner’s costume