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PRM000011683Headress, fau, of wicker, feathers, etc., from the Society Islands (probably Tahiti); part of the Forster collection (Forster 5; 1886.1.1683)

A cylinder of woven plant material, probably the split aerial rootlets of the 'ie'ie (Freycinetia arborea), with an attached frontal shield-shaped section covered with black feathers, rimmed with white feathers, with short bar of yellow feathers across front. The tail feathers of tropic birds have been used to ornament the edge of the frontal shield


  PRM000011684Unrestored side of fau
PRM000011685Detail of tropicbird feathers
PRM000011686Detail of attachment of tropicbird feathers
PRM000095645Detail of restored feathers on front of fau
PRM000011690Detail of inside of front shield section
PRM000095637Basketwork section of central column