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PRM0001310685179Sling, from the Society Islands (probably Tahiti); part of the Forster collection (Forster 176; 1886.1.1535.1)

Sling made from coconut fibre, plaited. The two sling cords are made from a three-ply plait, which increases in thickness along the length. The ends of the cords are tufts of unplaited coconut fibre. At the pocket, the plait divides into sixteen narrow plaits, which are intertwined with another type of plant fibre (fau, Hibiscus tiliaceus)making the pocket flexible but firm. There is a rectangular pattern in this area formed by substituting the lighter-coloured secondary plant material with coconut fibre in certain areas. Near the end of one sling cord the plait divides, possibly with the insertion of additional elements, for a total length of approx. 4 cm before recombining; this forms a loop


  PRM0001290775179Sling (with scale)
PRM0001290795179Detail of sling pocket
PRM0001290785179Detail of sling pocket
PRM0001296225179Microscope image of sling fibres
PRM0001352405179Electron microscope image of sling fibre