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PRM0001295235179Barkcloth, ′ahu, from the Society Islands (probably Tahiti); part of the Forster collection (part of Forster 15; 1886.1.1234)

Barkcloth made from two layers, joined together along the long edges, probably with arrowroot paste, and decorated with red stamped circles. The upper layer is thicker, with coarse beater marks present. The surface is decorated with circle motifs in various configurations. The lower layer is much finer, with fine beater marks present. Approximately one half of the lower layer has traces of red dye. There is one circle motif stamped on the lower layer.


  PRM0001295265179Back of barkcloth
PRMCON001661Detail of surface
PRMCON001662Detail of surface
PRMCON001663Ashmolean labels