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PRM000011456Canoe baler, tiheru, of wood, from New Zealand; part of the Forster collection (Forster 117; 1886.1.1264)

Baler carved from a single block of wood. Carved in the form of a face, with eyes, inlaid with haliotis shell, eyebrows, nose, and mouth with six teeth. The carving appears unfinished. A local repair using plaited NZ flax fibre has been made to hold down a large flake in the wood on the underside.


  PRM0001311225179Top of baler
PRM0001311265179Bottom of baler
PRM0001311275179Bottom and side of baler
PRM0001311295179Bottom and side of baler
PRM0001311305179Bottom of baler, showing curve
PRM0001311315179Detail of local repair
PRM0001311235179Detail of carved area