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PRM000122633Breast ornament, hei tiki, of nephrite, from New Zealand; part of the Forster collection (Forster 120; 1886.1.1167)

A stylized human figure carved from nephrite, or greenstone. The head rests directly on the shoulders and both arms extend downwards bending inwards at the elbows to rest on the thighs. The large eyes have paua shell inlays. The mouth is heart-shaped, and a neck is indicated beneath the head. No hands or feet are detailed, and no sex is indicated. The suspension hole is drilled at an angle from the top of the head to the back so that it is concealed when the tiki is viewed from the front; the hole has worn through. The dark green pounamu is probably of kawakawa variety, which takes a high polish


  PRM000095156Back of hei tiki
PRM0001297145179Ashmolean label
PRM0001297135179Forster and Ashmolean labels