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PRM000011410Knife, maripi, of wood and shark's teeth, from New Zealand; part of the Forster collection (Forster 110; 1886.1.1161)

Knife with six shark's teeth bound to one edge with fibre. The teeth are probably from the broadnose sevengill shark, Notorhynchus cepedianus, called tuatini by the Maori. Intricately carved with two haliotis shell circular discs inlaid on each side of the knife; though one disc is missing. The remaining disc at the tip of the blade is notched. Red ochre is embedded in portions of the carved design and near the teeth bound on the edge. The butt of the handle is perforated


  PRMCON000047Knife, side 1 (with scale)
PRMCON000048Knife, side 2 (with scale)
PRMCON000050Detail of carving, side 1
PRMCON000049Detail of carving, side 2
PRM0001296125179Shark tooth and resin
PRM0001297045179Ashmolean label
PRM0001297055179Ashmolean label