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PRM000122632End-blown trumpet or bugle-flute, putorino, of wood, from New Zealand; part of the Forster collection (Forster 116; 1886.1.1153)

Trumpet or bugle-flute, putorino, carved from wood. The bugle-flute is made in two pieces, which are bound together with kiekie (Freycinetia arborea) aerial root in four places. The binding at the proximal end is of a different type. The eyes are made from notched haliotis shell


  PRMCON001658Front of putorino (with scale)
PRMCON001288Back of putorino (with scale)
PRMCON001659Detail of carving
PRM0001296115179Microscope image of bindings
PRM0001297005179Ashmolean label
PRM0001297015179Ashmolean label
PRMCON001291Art Treasures Exhibition label