S&SWM PR papers P143a

Rushmore | Salisbury | May 15 92

Dear Mr King

In reply to your letter of the 133th inst. I should like very much to have the agricultural models. I think this is the best place for them. When I presented the greater part of my collection to Oxford I kept back all the agricultural models & implements in order to form the nucleus of an agricultural museum here. It has been very successful and I am now adding a long room to it. I enclose an account and a plan of it from which you will see that it is popular and I think it is the only agricultural museum in the country. I remember the models very well. I had one or two of them copied and the copies are now here. My museum is practically a public Institution as you will see by the number of visitors and it is open to the public every day including Sundays when my private band plays at the pleasure grounds that I have opened about 2 miles from the Museum which of course attracts more people than the Museum by itself would do.

Yours very truly
A Pitt Rivers

Transcribed by AP August 2011

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