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Ansd July 12/98

[Stamp] Department of Egyptian & Assyrian Antiquities British Museum | 9 Jul 1898 | No. 1391

Dear Sir,

A fine collection of about 92 flint axes, knives, scrapers, etc., and about 100 flakes have been offered to us for the sum of £25. We cannot buy them, and so I shewed them to Sir John Lubbock, who did not want them & who suggested that you might care to acquire them. I therefore trouble you with a line to ask you if you will take the collection for £25. Sir John thinks them well worth the money.

I am
yours truly
E.A. Wallis Budge.

Gen Pitt-Rivers, F.R.S. | &c.  &c.  &c.



Ansd July 20/98

[Stamp] Department of Egyptian & Assyrian Antiquities British Museum | 16 Jul 1898 | No. 1403

Dear Sir,

I am sending you to Tisbury, packed in a box, the flints for which £25 is asked and I hope they will reach you safely & be satisfactory to you.

I am yrs truly
EA Wallis Budge

Genl Pitt-Rivers, F.R.S.



Ansd July 23/98 | Cheque £25 sent

[Stamp] Department of Egyptian & Assyrian Antiquities British Museum | 22 Jul 1898 | No. 1407

My Dear Sir,

I am very glad you like the flints. They all come from a place called Amrah, about four miles from Abydos in Upper Egypt, about half way between [illegible] & Abydos. They were found in the graves which are hollowed out like pie dishes in the limestone, and were buried with skeletons which lie with their faces towards the East. They are beyond doubt Prehistoric and as such in my opinion very valuable. In connexion with them you ought to read de Morgan's two books, especially that entitled L'Age de Pierre et Bronze. Here we call them pre-Egyptian, but I am not a flint expert & no doubt you will find a better name. All your flints are from one set of graves which lay close together.

If you decide to keep the flints will you mind sending me a cheque made out in the name of Chauncey Murch, as I should like to settle the matter before I go for holidays? Would you like any more?

I am

yours truly
EA Wallis Budge

This probably refers to Add.9455vol5_p1582 /5 and on, described as 'A collection of Flint implements from Amrah 4 miles from Abydos Upper Egypt - Chauncey March July 1898 graves 18 implements / 16 [Insert] 17 [End Insert] Knives / 7 flakes more or less worked / 3 saw / 41 scrapers / 5 various / Total 91'

Chauncey Murch was an American missionary stationed at Luxor, a set of his Egyptian objects is now part of the Metropolitan Museum's holdings.

Transcribed by AP for the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project in July-August 2011

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