S&SWM PR papers L2064


Whitehead | Ansd Apr. 14/ 98

Wyke Hall | Gillingham | Dorset | [in pencil] 7 April 98

Dear Sir

Would you like to buy an enormous Man Trap for your Museum? I know you have a small one, but nothing like mine! It belonged to my Great Uncle Thomas King who had the little discussions on Cranborne Chase with your ancestors. If you are disposed to look at the Man Trap, I should be delighted to show it to you, as well as my Pictures of more famous [illegible]. Could you and Mrs Rivers drive over one day? If you will for a time next week I will be at home. I am giving up my lease of this house to a Purchaser, and on that account, I am parting with a few cumbersome [?] things

Believe me
faithfully yrs
Mary Whitehead

7 April



Wyke Hall | Gillingham | Dorset | [in pencil] 15 April 98

Dear Sir

I am very sorry indeed to hear you are out of health - and I hope you will soon by quite well again. I would like you to have the Man Trap. I dont like it to go to anybodys hands and it is rather big to carry about. Its size is very much larger than yours & it has been in our family a great number of years.

The Pictures I do not part with, they are very interesting to Wilts and Dorset men. They are copies of the Originals, which more made their rooms [sic], and therefore now belong to my Brother Revd F. King Canon Jackson refers to them in a Lecture he gave on Cranborne Chase of which you no doubt have a copy If not I can lend you mine, I have another very curious old Painting of the celebrated doing at Handley on the day the Deer were killed from Sunrise to Sunset near the Larmer Tree a motley pack of dogs of all kinds pulling down a Stag. I dont care about this picture so much or "The Law Suits" Sincerely hoping you will soon be well

I remain dear Sir
Yrs very truly
Mary Whitehead

15 April


Mr King's "Man Trap" Highest 6 feet 5 width 2 - 9

This trap is not listed in the catalogue of the second collection, nor are the pictures.

Transcribed by AP for the Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project in July-August 2011

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