S&SWM PR papers L1934

Note that there are quite a number of letters from Frederick James to Pitt-Rivers in the S&SWM PR papers which have not been transcribed. They are mostly seeking advice about specific objects or displays at Maidstone Museum or else seeking support for James' application to be a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. James had been one of Pitt-Rivers' earliest assistants before he got the job as Curator at Maidstone Museum, Kent where he also carried out many archaeological excavations of his own.


James | Ansd Sept 17/97

Maidstone | Sept 11th 1897

Dear General Pitt-Rivers,

The "agricultural" jug is for the Museum at Farnham if you will accept it. I can give no further particulars than that I acquired it for a few pence from a country woman.

I did not hear a very good account of you from a Gentleman (Mr Seton-Karr) who was in here the other day, but I hope by now you are better.

We are going ahead here. A new wing is to be built next month, of two floors each 54 ft by 23 ft, and a new house adjoining for the Curator

Yours truly
Fred. V. James

General Pitt-Rivers DCF FRS

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James | Ansd Dec 17/97

Museum & Public Library | Maidstone | 16 Dec 1897

Dear General Pitt-Rivers

I am sending you by rail to Tisbury a little box with a horse-shoe in it of peculiar form found at Aylesford near Maidstone.

From enquiries I have made from a farmer, it would appear that its use is, as I surmised viz for a horse short in one of its forelegs. It may do for your agricultural museum as we have no department here that it will go in specially, and I detest a "curiosity" case.

Can you find time to measure that skull & [illegible]-bones I mentioned to you some time since and found by me on the site of Mr Arthur Evans Late Celtic urn field at Aylesford? It was at a depth of 4'8" beneath the surface & ought to produce valuable data in connection with his researches.

I want the results for a lecture in February next.

With compliments of the season & best wishes for your health

Yours very truly
Fred V James

None of these items are listed in the catalogue of the second collection

Transcribed by AP June-July 2011 for Rethinking Pitt-Rivers project

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